3 Replies to “Galaxy S6 email setup, POP3 or IMAP?”

  1. I agree that pop3 samsung’s implementation is wrong. I have configured a pop3 account on my iPhone4, iPhone6s+, iPad Mini, Motorola MotoG2, Samsung S4 and Samsung Tab 3, and only on Samsung’s devices POP3 did not Work as expected, I mean, all my devices received all test emails I sent but once I opened my Outlook 2010 and emails were delivered to my .pst, they were deleted from both Samsung devices, but emails remain (as expected) on my iOS devices and Moto G2. So put the blame on Samsung’s POP3 implementation.

  2. Yahoo mail fails to sign in……I go to account/email settings, type in my password and I get a msg asking to select IMAP or POP 3 with no selection to allow me to choose one or the other. Galaxy S6 Active

  3. Everyone wants to explain what IMAP or POP3 is. I just want to know how to select one or the other on my Galaxy S6 Active to allow email to work.

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