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Fubo TV Vs PlayStation Vue Best Live Streaming Service 2018

TV cable subscriptions have gotten out of this world expensive — many cable subscriptions lock you into a multi-year contract that cost hundreds of dollars per month, depending on your package or subscription tier, of course. And, like many people, you probably only watch a couple of channels out of the hundreds that your cable provider gives you access to. For many, that seems like a waste of money, especially since there are now subscriptions that give you access to a select few channels that you’re interested in.

That said, you might be considering finally cutting the cable bill out of your life. But what cord-cutting subscription should you go with? If you follow along below, we’re pitting two providers against each other — Fubo TV and PlayStation Vue. Which one is better? Which one will be the best and most seamless replacement for your cable subscription? Follow along below and find out.

Fubo TV

Many TV streaming subscriptions that are competing with cable providers right now are generally offering big name channels that people want to watch — HBO, STAR, AMC, SyFy, A&E, and many more. Sports channels aren’t a huge focus as far as TV streaming services go, and that’s where Fubo TV comes in.

Fubo TV has a sports-first business model. That means that not only do they have a wide variety of different sports that you can air, but there’s also a ton of different channels available to you — a basic subscription to Fubo will get you access to channels like Fox Sports, CBS, NFL Network, MLB TV, NBC Golf, and so much more. Fubo TV’s basic subscription actually gets you over 85 channels that you can stream. They actually have two subscription levels — fubo and fubo Extra. The former starts out at $40 and the latter $45. Fubo TV has a special offer for all first-time buyers where you can get $5 off of your first month’s subscriptions.

The neat thing about Fubo TV is that it is offered in a try before you buy format. That means that you can sign up for a seven-day free trial first. This trial will give you access to all 85+ channels available on Fubo TV, really allowing you to see the sheer extent of the content available.

Fubo TV does offer more than just sports channels on its service. Sure, they might take a sports-first approach, but they do offer a wide variety of other content as well — you’ll still be able to access regular programming like SyFy, A&E, Viceland, Lifetime, and many others.

The one aspect that we really like about Fubo TV is just how versatile it is. Sure, you can download the Fubo TV app on your Apple TV, Roku, Fire Stick and so on, but Fubo TV also has a mobile app that you can actually stream content from. You’ll have no issue streaming your favorite sports games while on the go. Get started with Fubo at the link below.

Get it here: Fubo

PlayStation Vue

The other option you have is PlayStation Vue. Unlike popular belief, you don’t actually have to have a PlayStation 4 to have a subscription to Vue. PlayStation Vue is similar to DirecTV Now in that it’s accessible on a ton of different platforms. That said, you’ll have no trouble using it on your Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, or another streaming device.

PlayStation Vue has that same tendency to cater to the large majority of viewers by offering you channels with regular programming — we’re talking about things like HBO, STAR, AMC, etc. Now, they do carry a couple of different sports channels, but not nearly as many as Fubo TV. In Vue’s basic Access package — $45 a month — you get access to ESPN, and that’s about it. If you want more, you’ll have to consider higher priced packages, which is just absurd when Fubo TV is able to offer an experience like this at a more affordable rate.

Still, if you want to give Vue a shot, they do offer a free trial so that you can see what they’re all about.

Get it here: PlayStation Vue


If you’re looking for a good sports replacement, we cannot help but recommend Fubo TV. They seem to have the market cornered on a large variety of sports channels for all different types of games — you won’t have trouble catching things like hockey, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, international soccer, and more on Fubo TV. On top of that, Fubo TV still appeals to the regular TV viewer by offering channels with regular programming on it.

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