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5 Best Galaxy S9 Glass Replacement In 2018

Glass has gotten a lot stronger over the years, with technologies like Gorilla Glass making screens more difficult to break. However, displays are still not invincible, even if they’re equipped with the latest version of Gorilla Glass. One drop on the right corner on a cement floor could shatter the entire screen very easily. It does provide you with some better protection, keeping your phone safe against many accidental falls, but once again, it’s not flawless. So, what if you drop your phone on the ground and the screen breaks? What do you do now? Well, the typical course of action would be a glass or LCD replacement, hopefully just the former, as it’s a lot cheaper that way.

Galaxy S9 Glass Replacement

If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best glass replacements you can get for the Galaxy S9 right now. Here are our top picks.

General Real Glass Outer Screen For Galaxy S9 Plus

First up on our list is the Real Glass Outer Screen by General. This one is made for the Galaxy S9 Plus. If you crack the outer glass, this is the perfect outer glass replacement for your Galaxy S9 Plus phone. Keep in mind that this isn’t the LCD or the digitizer, it is simply the outer glass replacement. The nice thing about this package is that it comes with all the tools you need to replace the outer glass, except maybe a hot air gun to heat up the hard glue that keeps the screen in place. Keep in mind that this glass replacement is designed for specific Galaxy S9 Plus models, so make sure your model number matches up with what they’re listing on the product description.

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General Real Glass Curved Outer Screen For Galaxy S9

General also makes a Real Glass Curved Outer Screen Replacement for the Galaxy S9. It comes with everything you would ever need to replace the curved screen on the Samsung Galaxy S9, including the glue, tiny screwdrivers and tiny plastic pry bars. This is another one where you need to match up the model number with the Amazon product description. It’s also worth noting that is very easy to break the digitizer, so it might be best to ask a professional to disassemble your screen before applying this glass, especially since General doesn’t offer any warranties.

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MMOBIEL Front Glass Repair Kit

MMOBIEL offers a very nice front glass repair kit. This kit, of course, comes with the front, curved glass for the Samsung Galaxy S9, and then all of the tools that you would need to remove the front glass and replace it. You get a microfiber cloth, tiny screwdrivers, razor blades, and more. This is a high quality replacement glass, so you don’t have to worry about getting something cheap; however, keep in mind that this is not the digitizer or LCD, just the glass. The tools can be used for multiple replacements as well.

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TLBTEK Front Outer Glass For Samsung Galaxy S9

Next up, we have the Front Outer Glass Replacement by TLBTEK. In the package, you get the curved glass screen replacement, and yet again, this does not come with the LCD or the digitizer — this is simply for outer glass replacements only. This is for the Galaxy S9, but make sure to match up model numbers. It actually comes with a whole lot more equipment to make the screen removal and installation process easy. Still, it’s best to order this and give it to a professional for replacement, as you don’t want to risk breaking the LCD or digitizer.

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CrazyFire Front Outer Glass Screen Replacement

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Front Outer Glass Screen Replacement for the Samsung Galaxy S9. In the package, you get all of the usual items — the front outer glass, and then the tools and materials for replacing the outer glass itself (set tools, adhesive, wire, etc). Once again, this is just the outer glass replacement — not the LCD or the digitizer. CrazyFire says every piece of glass has been tested before shipment, so you can rest easy in knowing you’re getting something of high quality.

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If you got lucky and simply scratched up or cracked the outer glass, then your screen replacement is going to be super cheap. Replacing only the outer glass will set you back a couple of bucks, plus the labor you pay someone to do it. We do recommend picking up your outer glass, and then giving it to a professional, as you don’t want to risk breaking your LCD or digitizer.

Galaxy S9 Glass Replacement

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