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5 Best Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Cases In 2018

Do you keep your credit cards, debit cards, and cash with your smartphone by way of a protective wallet case? Then you might be wanting pick one of those up for your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well. A good wallet case will not only keep your smartphone protected from drops and falls, but it’ll also keep your phone’s display safe from nicks and scratches, and even give you a place to store your credit cards, debit cards, reward cards, and a little bit of cash.

Note 9 Wallet Case

So what wallet cases should you pick up for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9? If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best of the best. Here are our top picks!

AKHVRS Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case

First up, we have the Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case by AKHVRS. This case is pretty massive, enclosing your Galaxy Note 9 in all-encompassing protection. There’s even a zipper to keep the case closed so that your Note 9 stays protected in the event of a drop. It has a nice cowhide design, and comes in a variety of colors — Red, Blue, Black, and Brown. There’s room for four cards, and then you have a slot dedicated for your Photo ID. On top of that, you also have a pocket to keep a bunch of cash in. Open up the flap on the left side of the case, and you get room for an additional five card slots, and two extra cash slots. That said, you can transfer your entire wallet into this case, probably with room to spare. There’s even a magnetic enclosure that wakes or sleeps your Galaxy Note 9, too.

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Spigen Slim Armor CS

Next up, we have the Slim Armor CS case by the prolific case maker Spigen. This case is essentially Spigen’s Slim Armor case, but with an opening for a wallet slot. Put your Galaxy Note 9 in this dual layer case, and you’ll keep it protected against shock and drops. Raised edges keep the screen and camera off of surfaces. If you need to take wallet items with you, there’s a wallet slot on the back of the case — open it up, and you can house all sorts of cards and cash. You can close it, and no one will know it’s there.

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SamonPow Hybrid Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case

The SamonPow Hybrid Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case operates similarly to the Slim Armor CS protective case. Raised edges keep the display and camera off of surfaces to keep the free from scratches and such. It’s a dual layer case, so it does keep you protected from all sorts of drops and falls — it might even have a slightly tougher exterior than the Spigen Slim Armor CS. Around the back is a compartment that you can open to house your credit cards, debit cards, ID, and cash. Close the door, and no one will know those items are in there. It only comes in two colors — Pink and Black.

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Spigen Wallet S

Next up, Spigen makes a fully featured wallet case. This wallet case has a foldable cover, so it isn’t as protected as it is with the AKHVRS case, but it’s still covered fully — you definitely won’t get any scratches, nicks or dents in your screen with the Wallet S. On top of that, there’s room for two cards slots and then a pouch for your cash. The neat thing about this case is that your phone will be able to accept calls, even with the case closed. When you need to easily view media, you can fold the cover out as a kickstand.

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Galaxy Note 9 Arae Case

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Arae Case. The Arae case is a leather PU wallet case that is super stylish. It’ll keep your Galaxy Note 9 protected against most drops and falls, but most importantly, has storage for a bunch of different cards. Open the case up, and you have slots for four cards as well as an area to store cash. There’s even a wrist strap to carry this case around your wrist without losing it. The foldable cover can turn into a kickstand for easy media viewing.

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As you can see, there are a lot of excellent wallet cases available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 — if you’re looking for something to transfer your wallet to, the Galaxy Note 9 Arae Case and AKHVRS case is probably you’re best bet, whereas the rest of the wallet cases will only let you take a couple cards with you.

Note 9 Wallet Case

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