5 Best Calculator Apps For Android

Calculators are an underrated product. While it helps us solve complex mathematical equations, its use has been somewhat enhanced thanks to the introduction of mobile devices with high computing power. All smartphones and even feature phones come with a calculator on board. However, these are basic calculators that come with limited functions. This is why it’s important to look through the Google Play Store for calculators that are worth your time and can help you solve any equations without limitations.

A quick search through the Play Store will reveal that there are plenty of calculator apps available for download. However, only some have earned the recognition and trust of customers. We’re going to help you find these apps today by listing out five of the best calculator apps available for Android. Bear in mind that anything that’s worthwhile doesn’t come for free, so be prepared to pay for some of these apps in the form of in-app purchases (since these apps are free to download).

5 Best Calculator Apps For Android

Calculator Plus Free

One of the highly acclaimed calculator apps out there, Calculator Plus comes in this free avatar for those who don’t want to spend money on an app. The tradeoff here is that you will have to settle with ads on board. Considering the kind of features it offers, we believe this is a justified sacrifice. It works just like any other calculator but what makes it stand apart is the fact that it can remember your calculations, effectively letting you get back to your numbers after a few hours or even more. You also get access to advanced mathematical functions with a simple swipe gesture on the memory keys.

One feature I personally like is the ability to erase specific parts of the numbers rather than starting fresh. The app displays all the numbers clearly and even has commas in the right places to avoid confusion. All the calculations are well laid out here, allowing you to learn how the question was solved. The app has a paid version on the Play Store which has no ads. With over 10 million installs, Calculator Plus is one of the most popular calculator apps out there. Be sure to check it out.


This is a stylish and elegant option to any calculator app out there. With the ability to add and change themes, you have full control over how your calculator appears. It runs on a number of gestures given the limitations of a standard mobile display. Swiping up on the keypad reveals the scientific calendar while swiping down will reveal calculation history. You can even change the format of the keypad with the choices between simple and full keypad layout.

The user reviews for Calcu are very favorable with a number of users lauding the user interface as well as the ability to change themes. If you’re tired of using the stock Android calculator, this app is definitely meant for you. It has all the bells and whistles of a standard calculator along with some customization options that are sure to win you over. Calcu is a free download on the Play Store but features ads and in-app purchases.


While this looks like a standard calculator app that you can find on several Android phones, well, it’s certainly not. It has a wide range of functions like history, real time graphing, base conversion, and more. The app is targeted as a replacement to the default Android keyboard and comes with functions and features that the stock option lacks. More importantly, this is an open source project, which means it’s being worked on constantly to make it better for the users.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Calculator comes with a floating widget as well as a lockscreen widget, helping you make some quick calculations without unlocking your phone. This app also has a Wear OS variant, practically giving you access to a calculator from your wrist.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

This particular offering is meant for advanced mathematicians who look to solve graphs using mathematics. It has all the metrics you need and is capable of solving anything ranging from standard equations to complex parabolas. You can even adjust values of numbers to see the changes in real time. You can even zoom in on the axes to get a better look of the equation. It can also solve standard mathematical problems just like a regular calculator. The procedure, however, is slightly different. You simply have to type in the numbers you want to calculate and the answer will be ready in no time. This also works with logs, square roots and absolute value.

This is a beautifully designed app with all the features you would need from an advanced mathematical calculator. It can be used by anyone, and more importantly, it’s completely free to download. The app works with devices running Android 5.0 and up.

Financial Calculators

Calculators are not just about adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing a few sets of numbers. Financial calculators tell us why. This particular offering comes with a varying range of calculators including TVM, Compound Interest, Return on Investment, IRR NPV, MIRR, Rule of 72 Calculator and more. It also comes with stock calculators, credit card calculators, mortgage calculators and retirement calculators, thus offering a complete solution for all your financial calculations.

The app works without an internet connection, although it might be required to get the latest currency valuations. In terms of management, the app allows you to manage your calculators and keep your most used calculator on the top for easy access. Once you’ve made your calculations, these can also be shared via email directly from the app. Given the kind of calculations it can do, it’s no doubt one of the most powerful financial calculators out there. It comes from one of the top rated Google developers, so you’re in good hands here. Financial Calculators is a free download on the Play Store, but comes with ads on board.