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5 Best Bluetooth Aux Adapter In 2018

If you’ve got an old car and have trouble getting your phone’s music to play in it, then you might want to consider some alternative hardware. We already showed you how you can transmit your phone’s music via an FM Transmitter, but you can also use a Bluetooth Aux Adapter if your car has an auxiliary port. Many older, basic cars didn’t have an auxiliary port, but upgraded models and packages did. That said, picking up a cheap Bluetooth Aux Adapter would allow you to quickly and easily stream music directly from your car’s speakers.

Bluetooth Aux Adapter

The way it works is that you plug in your Bluetooth Aux Adapter to the car’s 3.5mm port, then you connect up to it with your phone’s Bluetooth connection. Finally, you can start playing any type of audio you want — music, podcasts, comedy talks, etc — and it’ll start playing it over your car’s speakers. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is!

What Bluetooth Aux Adapter do you pick up, though? If you follow along below, we’ll show you some of our favorite options.

Mpow Bluetooth Aux Adapter And Receiver

First up, we have the Mpow Bluetooth Aux Adapter and Receiver. Plug it in to the auxiliary port, give it power, and you’re ready to connect up your phone to this adapter. Once you’re ready to play music, make sure your car is playing out of the 3.5mm audio jack, and then choose any music you’d like. It even has a built-in microphone for taking calls — the audio still plays over the car speakers, but you can also talk without picking up your phone.

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Taotronics Bluetooth Aux Adapter

Next up, we have the Bluetooth Aux Adapter by Taotronics. It works similarly to how the Mpow Bluetooth Aux Adapter works, only it’s got a lot more technology in it. You have to charger this adapter up separately, but once it’s charged, it’s ready to play music. Plug it in to your car’s stereo system via a 3.5mm cable, connect it to your phone by way of Bluetooth, and you’re ready to start playing audio. It works over RCA as well. The battery is rated for about 55 hours, though we imagine that that all depends on how much music you’re streaming.

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Taotronics 15 Hour Bluetooth Aux Adapter

Taotronics offers another Bluetooth Aux Adapter, with this one designed to last for 15 hours of straight music streaming. This one plugs directly into a 3.5mm auxiliary port, so there’s no cables necessary here. There’s a button right on the adapter for play/pause, which also functions as a take call/hang up call. That in mind, there is a microphone built right into the adapter, which will allow you to talk to friends and family without ever picking up your smartphone. It operates over Bluetooth 4.1, so you should get some pretty good battery efficiency out of this one.

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Tvird Bluetooth Adapter

Looking for something a little more low profile? Then you can’t go wrong with what Tvird is offering in their Bluetooth Aux Adapter. This is essentially disc with a 3.5mm cord hanging out of it. Plug it in into the port, and then you can let the disc set on a cup holder, or somewhere else that is inconspicuous. Just like the Taotronics options on this list, this adapter does support hands free calling — there’s a button you can press to take calls and end calls. The battery should last for around 10 hours of nonstop streaming.

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Gold Armour Bluetooth Aux Adapter And Receiver

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Gold Armour Bluetooth Aux Adapter. This one has a lot of technology packed into it, allowing you to connect up to two devices by way of Bluetooth — it is intelligently able to tell which one you’re streaming from. On the other hand, you could connect up two pairs of headphones and listen to the music outputting. It’s got a 3.5mm audio jack in the event that you want to hook it up to the car as well. It actually comes with all of the cables you’ll need for this, so you don’t have to buy any of that separately.

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As you can see, Bluetooth Aux Adapters can be super useful, allowing you to blast your favorite tunes and talk shows through your car’s speakers. It’s worth noting that these will work with any device that can receive 3.5mm input — that could be your car, but it could also be your speakers at home among other devices.

Bluetooth Aux Adapter

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