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5 Best Bluetooth Adapter For PC In 2018

Got an old PC or laptop that doesn’t have Bluetooth? Maybe you want to connect up a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to it, but are having difficult getting around the fact that it just doesn’t have that type of wireless connectivity. For most people, this means that it’s time to throw out the old PC or laptop and pick up one from the 21st century. However, if Bluetooth is your only means for throwing that old piece of hardware away, you can actually add Bluetooth connectivity manually and with some extra, but cheap, hardware. Called a Bluetooth Adapter, you can plug this into your PC and start using it for various functions — wireless headphones, a wireless keyboard or mouse, etc.

Bluetooth Adapter For PC

What Bluetooth adapter do you get though? Follow along below. We’ll show you our favorites.

Avantree USB Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle

First up, we have the Avantree USB Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle. This dongle is, at its core, a low profile USB insert. About the size of your fingernail, you just plug it in, and you can almost immediately start using Bluetooth devices with it to interface with your PC. With Windows 10, 8, and 7, as well as most Linux distros and even macOS, this Bluetooth dongle is all plug and play, no need to install drivers manually at all. On some Linux distros you might need to, but that goes with the more technical distros, such as ArchLinux.

This dongle will bring your computer or laptop Bluetooth 4.0 — you’ll be able to connect up keyboard or mouse to it, as well as any wireless headphones you might have.

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ASUS USB Adapter With Bluetooth

ASUS, a company that has been in the computer hardware business for years and years now, also offers a Bluetooth dongle. Just like the Avantree USB dongle, this ASUS dongle will outfit your PC or laptop with Bluetooth technology. It’s also essentially plug and play, so you can almost immediately hook up your Bluetooth gear after plugging it in — Windows and Mac are usually able to recognize the device and download the drivers automatically, if it needs any. It’s a well rated Bluetooth dongle, so you shouldn’t have anything but good times with this one.

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TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter

Are you looking to pick up something a little more geared towards wireless audio? Then you should take a look at the TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter. This is a lot larger than a Bluetooth USB dongle, but that’s because the TaoTronics Bluetooth adapter is more geared towards wireless audio. Want to connect those old RCA speakers to your computer by way of Bluetooth? Then this is the item you need. You can plug this adapter straight into your PC by way of AUX, if you so choose, in order to provide a Bluetooth audio path for wireless headphones or something else.

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1Mii Bluetooth Receiver

The idea behind the 1Mii Bluetooth Receiver is essentially the same as the TaoTronics option, if not a little larger of a system with more options. Like we already mentioned, this will make your old RCA speakers compatible with your PC, as well as provide a wireless path for Bluetooth technologies, whether that be speakers or wireless headphones, possibly even a wireless mic. The neat thing about this unit is that it runs off of Bluetooth 4.2, has support for 3D surround sound, and works on low energy. If you’ve got room on your desk for a decent size Bluetooth adapter, the 1Mii Bluetooth Receiver will be able to hook up almost anything to your PC.

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Zexmte Bluetooth USB Adapter

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Zexmte Bluetooth USB Adapter. This is another USB dongle with Bluetooth 4.0 on-board. Zexmte advertises plug and play support for Windows versions going all the way back to XP. It works with Mac and most Linux distros, too. Whether you need to plug in a keyboard, mouse or headset, the Zexmte is a cheap solution you can just plug into your PC and forget about. With how slim and low profile it is, there’s no harm in leaving this adapter plugged into your PC.

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We’ve only touched the surface on all of the great Bluetooth adapters available for PC or laptops on the market right now. No matter what you pick up off this list, you’re getting something that will not only work, but is made of quality and will last you a good while.

Bluetooth Adapter For PC

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