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Today’s #GalaxyS8Plus troubleshooting article will try to address one of the charging errors that a lot of S8 owners can potentially encounter is “CHARGING STOPPED. THE TEMPERATURE ON YOUR PHONE IS TOO LOW…” error. In this short troubleshooting guide, we’ll tell you what you can do based on the possible causes.

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I replaced the LCD screen on my Samsung Galaxy S8+. The screen works beautifully however, I am now getting an error message that states, “CHARGING STOPPED. THE TEMPERATURE ON YOUR PHONE IS TOO LOW. YOUR PHONE WILL CONTINUE ONCE THE TEMPERATURE REACHES A NORMAL LEVEL.” I have had the phone charging for nearly 48 hours and it has only  reached 12%. I have rechecked the cables, everything is fine. Any idea how to correct this? I have attempted using the original Samsung charging cable and a spare one that I bought as well as the wireless charger. None of these make any difference. I blew air into the charging port on the phone and still no resolution. I searched the Internet and only found that is can be a common occurrence but nothing on how to repair. — Dwin

Solution: Hi Dwin. “CHARGING STOPPED. THE TEMPERATURE ON YOUR PHONE IS TOO LOW. YOUR PHONE WILL CONTINUE ONCE THE TEMPERATURE REACHES A NORMAL LEVEL.” error is an indication that your device is not operating in normal temperature. Ideally, a Galaxy S8 Plus works optimally under normal room temperature so if ambient temperature has reached extreme levels, either too high or too low, the system may not work as expected. In order to prevent damaging the hardware, Samsung devices like your S8 Plus have a built-in mechanism to make a user aware of a developing critical temperature situation. The error you’re getting right now is one of those mechanisms.

Lithium-based batteries like the one in your S8 Plus won’t work properly when exposed to cold the “CHARGING STOPPED. THE TEMPERATURE ON YOUR PHONE IS TOO LOW. YOUR PHONE WILL CONTINUE ONCE THE TEMPERATURE REACHES A NORMAL LEVEL.” error is most likely a warning not to charge the device at this point. If you expose your S8 Plus in cold outside wind while charging, consider bringing it inside and let it warm up first. Once it’s warm enough, try charging it again.

Other causes of this issue includes:

  • bad battery,
  • damaged charging port,
  • presence of water or moisture in charging port,
  • bad charging cable and/or adapter, and
  • unknown software bug.

To see which of these items trigger the error, you have to isolate them one by one.

Use another charging cable and charger

We know you’ve already tried this but for the sake of those who haven’t make sure that take into consideration the fact that the lightning cable and adapter can go bad too. Make sure that you try another set of charging accessories to see if the one you have is defective.

Check for water damage or exposure

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are water resistant devices so occasional water or liquid splashes should be okay. Sometimes though, water particles or moisture may get deposited in the charging port. If that happens, the device will not allow you to charge it in order to prevent potential hardware damage. You need to dry the charging port first before attempting to charge it again.

The proper way to dry the charging port is by vigorously shaking the phone so water will be dislodge from the port. After doing that, you have to let the phone air dry for several hours. Water naturally evaporates on its own so you just have to let nature do its job. We suggest placing your device near an indirect heat source like the back of a TV or computer so extra heat can hasten the evaporation process. Do not put it near an oven, fireplace, or expose it to direct sunlight. Heat can damage internal components so don’t overdo it.

Also, avoid using a can of compressed air or hair blower to remove any possible water inside the port. Doing so may push water particles deep inside the phone, causing permanent damage in the long run. Remember, your phone is water resistant, not water proof.

Check the charging port for damage

Sometimes, a damaged charging port can lead to all sorts of issues, including errors that you’re getting now. While it’s borderline impossible to fix a physically damaged charging port, we still suggest that you try to do a simple ocular inspection in the port itself to get a confirmation. Sometimes, a bent pin inside or a lint may prevent the charging cable from making good contact, causing charging errors. To help you see clearly inside the port, we suggest that you use a magnifier or a similar tool.

If you think there’s visible damage in the port itself, or if one of the pins is bent, we suggest that you let Samsung do the repair for you.

Boot to safe mode and observe

The common triggers of “CHARGING STOPPED. THE TEMPERATURE ON YOUR PHONE IS TOO LOW. YOUR PHONE WILL CONTINUE ONCE THE TEMPERATURE REACHES A NORMAL LEVEL.” error includes bad battery or software bug but we can’t also fully eliminate the chance of having a bad app situation. To check, you must restart your S8 Plus to safe mode and observe it. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Press and hold the Power key past the model name screen.
  3. When “SAMSUNG” appears on the screen, release the Power key.
  4. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume down key.
  5. Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finishes restarting.
  6. Safe mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  7. Release the Volume down key when you see Safe Mode.
  8. Charge the phone again and check for the problem.

Remember, safe mode is a tool that should help you tell if you have an app issue. If charging works normally (no error) only on safe mode, then that means one of your third party apps is to blame.

Perform a factory reset

To see if the problem is software-related, the best thing that you can do is to wipe the phone clean with a factory reset. This will return all software settings back to their defaults. We knowfor a fact that “CHARGING STOPPED. THE TEMPERATURE ON YOUR PHONE IS TOO LOW. YOUR PHONE WILL CONTINUE ONCE THE TEMPERATURE REACHES A NORMAL LEVEL.” error won’t occur when software is factory state. If charging works fine after a factory reset, then that’s an indication that there’s an ongoing software issue behind it.

To factory reset your S8 Plus:

  1. Back up data on the internal memory. If you have signed into a Google account on the device, you have activated Anti-theft and will need your Google credentials to finish the Master reset.
  2. Turn off the device.
  3. Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Bixby key, then press and hold the Power key.
  4. When the Android logo displays, release all keys (‘Installing system update’ will show for about 30 – 60 seconds before showing the Android system recovery menu options).
  5. Press the Volume down key several times to highlight “wipe data / factory reset.
  6. Press Power button to select.
  7. Press the Volume down key until ‘Yes — delete all user data’ is highlighted.
  8. Press Power button to select and start the master reset.
  9. When the master reset is complete, “Reboot system now” is highlighted.
  10. Press the Power key to restart the device.


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