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5 Best Offline Android Games that Don’t Require Wi-Fi or Internet Connection

So many games these days require a constant Internet connection. Some developers choose to do so because they want to prevent piracy, while others want to collect information about the behavior and actions of their users. In either case, it’s annoying, especially when you are on a holyday visit in a rural area where AM radio is more prevalent than Wi-Fi connection.

Best Offline Android Games Link Brand Link Price on
Mojang Minecraft: Pocket Edition 6.99
Fingersoft Make More! Free
Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Angry Birds Star Wars II Free
Noodlecake Studios Inc Alto's Adventure Free

The good news is that with our top 5 best offline Android games that don’t require Wi-Fi or Internet connection, you can still have lots of fun even when being cut off from the rest of the world.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

One Mojang developer, Nathan Adams, said that nearly 1 million people were playing Minecraft at the exact same time across all platforms on Jan 9, 2015. What makes this figure even more astonishing is that it’s was not taken during peak hours. If it were, it could have easily been 2 or 3 times higher than that. To get an accurate sense of how well Minecraft is still doing since its release in 2011, you can look at its official sale statistics page. As of the end of 2016, the game has sold almost 25,000,000 copies and it keeps selling more than 10,000 copies every single day.

This is all thanks to a deceptively simple yet highly addicting premise: you as a player explore a world make from block and use these blocks to create amazing structures, sophisticated machines, and weapons that help you survive the monsters that come out at night. Since its first release, the game has been greatly expanded, with new features and gameplay modes being added. Minecraft has also one of the most active community of devoted fans. Many of them create custom content for the game, such as skins, plugins, and fun stuff. Best of all, the world you create offline can then be shared with your online friends, allowing you to explore it together and make it your own.

Make More!

In Make More!, you… make more. More of silly stuff that nobody really needs but most people still desperately want. Fortunately, for you, you aren’t the wage-slave wasting his or her youth as just another cog in the machine; you’re the boss and you decide whom to hire, whom to fire, and whom to promote.

This gimmick aside, Make More! is a fun clicker that you can pick up for just a few minutes while you wait for your bus to arrive. Your productivity will be rewarded by surprise gift boxes, and in-app purchases (which are totally optional and don’t ruin the fun in any way) can provide you with plenty of extra content if  you ever get bored with the core game.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Star Wars are a hot topic right now, and with Angry Birds Star Wars II, you can learn the true nature of the force without enduring a grueling training in the swamps under a tutorage of a dog-sized jedi master. If you have ever played any Angry Birds game, you’ll know the drill. As one of 30+ playable characters, your goal is to destroy the foundation of the evil empire and bring peace to the galaxy. Newly added to this version is the ability to swap characters as you play, teleport your favorite characters into the game by placing your Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods figures on your device’s camera, and more.

Knights of Pen&Paper +1

As a winner of the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase IFG 2013 award, this offline RPG game is a love-letter to RPG and pixel-art fans alike. If you open a dictionary and look at what “meta” means, chances are that Knights of Pen&Paper +1 will be the first entry. In this game, you play as the players of a tabletop adventure game, choosing which battles to fight, which moves to take, and which monsters to slay. Newly added to the  +1 Edition are new dungeons to explore, a place to stash heroes and switch out party members, extra options for characters to implement during battles, and extended campaign with lots of new content

Alto’s Adventure

Sometimes, pushing more than one button at the same time is a bit too much for your tired brain to handle. That’s when you need a simple game such as Alto’s Adventure. A game about going down a slope and rescuing runaway llamas along your way. Of course, there’s more to it than llamas and brain-dead simple control system. The game features immersive physics-based gameplay, endless replayability, beautiful visuals, soothing soundtrack, and many achievements to earn.

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