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5 Best Fast Charging Type C Cables for Galaxy S9

Today, we’re going to be sharing the 5 best fast-charging type C cables for your Samsung Galaxy S9. But first, we want to talk a little bit about type C (USB-C) cables and how they have anything to do with you and your phone use.

Best Fast Charging Type C Cables

Chances are, if you’ve gotten a new smartphone over the past couple of years, you may have noticed that the side of your charging cable that plugs into your phone is a different shape than it has been in previous years. That’s because the standards are changing, and technology is improving. Basically, these new cables and phone ports have the ability to charge your phone faster, but with even less power. And, you’ll find that you can plug your phone in with the charger at any angle, because it’s the same shape all the way around, and so you couldn’t plug it in upside down if you tried.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying just about anything is that no brands are created equal. That’s why today, we’re going to give you our top 5 recommendations for the best USB type C cables for your Galaxy S9.


First off, we have the brand that most everyone is familiar with: Belkin. Belkin is a trusted and tried brand for device cables and cords, and when it comes to a USB type C cable for your Galaxy S9, this time is no different. While this is originally $30, it’s currently on sale at Amazon for just $13.

The specifics for this cord is that it’s 3 ft. in length, works with all USB Type C devices (including the newer Chromebook Pixels and Macbooks), and has a 10Gbps data transfer rate to ensure that you’re getting the fastest speeds possible with whatever power you have behind it.

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Aukey 3 Pack

Aukey is another popular brand that’s been tested and loved for its reliability. This particular set comes with 3 whole cords, and for $12, you can’t beat it. Each cord is 3.3 ft, designed to give you just enough length from an outlet to use your phone while it’s charging or set it on a shelf.

As for specifics, these cords have a 5Gbps data transfer speed. While that’s half the speed of what you will get from the Belkin cord previously mentioned, for context, it’s still ten times faster than the old USB cables that came with your devices. And, as we mentioned, the price is pretty great.

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While this set of cords is going to be about $20, you actually get 5 of them in vibrant colors and sizes. It comes with a 10 ft. cord, 6.5 ft, 2 3.3 ft cords, and a 1 ft. cord. This is fantastic, because if you’re like me and typically cannot keep track of one cord, you still have 4 more to choose from.

The data transfer speed on this set of cords is 480mbps, and the cords themselves are designed with nylon in a way to ensure longevity. If you’re familiar with going through cords like water, then this may be a great option to choose from, since they’re built to last.

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This cord by Anker comes with a singular cord, and you can choose either black or white, at 3 ft, 6 ft, or even 10 ft. And, if for some reason your cord happens to be faulty or just breaks, it comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty.

The transfer speed with these cords by Anker is 5gbps. The cord is made of reinforced aramid fiber for durability against the wear and tear of everyday life. The Anker cord is also extremely cheap, coming in at a measly $7, which means little to no risk, even though we love the quality of these.

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The Mophie cord is the most expensive option on this list, as it comes in at about $25 for just the one. While it is high-performance and we highly recommend it for charging your Galaxy S9, the main thing that the Mophie offers is durability. If you travel a lot and find that there’s a lot of wear and tear on your typical cords, this is a great option.

This one also comes with a warranty, so again, the risk is small, even at $25 for a cord. So if for any reason it does happen to get damaged, be sure to take advantage of the warranty by contacting the company.

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These are all great USB type C charger options for your Galaxy S9, so be sure to check them out, and you’ll be on your way to faster, energy efficient charging. And, if you do end up purchasing one of the products listed here, be sure to tell us about it in the comments, as we’re interested in hearing your thoughts as well!

Best Fast Charging Type C Cables

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