5 Most Famous Pink Lakes Around the World

We find lakes all around us. Most lakes have a transparent color or a combination of light green and other similar colors. However, there are a few lakes around the world that are completely pink. Yes, they do exist. If this is the first time you’re learning about this, you’d like to know that there are several places across the world that have natural pink lakes.

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There are a wide range of reasons for these lakes to be pink in color. While some have high salt content, others have algae underneath giving them the lush pink color. It is often said that it could be a combination of both the factors.

We are going to list out the top five pink lakes that you can put in your list of spectacular places to visit on your next vacation.

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5 most famous pink lakes around the world

Lake Hillier, Australia

This is a spectacular natural pink lake located in Middle Island, Western Australia. It’s pretty big, and there are a variety of aerial tours conducted from Esperance (the closest airport) for under $300. We’re not quite sure what gives this lake its color, however, it is believed that the fact that it’s pretty high in terms of saltiness combined with the presence of local algae is primarily why the lake is pink in color. The lake retains its rich pink color even if the water is taken out, making this a permanently pink lake.

It is ideal to stay at Esperance if you want to enjoy the marvel of Lake Hillier. You won’t find a lot of hotels, but there’s enough for a town of its size. Due to the lake being a popular nearby attraction, people are expected to be popping by ever so often from all parts of the world. There’s a beach touching Lake Hillier, which largely explains the saltiness of the lake. It’s not inhabited by humans, so getting there is probably going to be tough. But if you do manage to get there, be sure to take your swimsuits along with you as it’s non toxic and has no animals to be scared of. The lake is inhabited by microorganisms and algae that give it the color. Visitors who have been to the lake mention that the lake doesn’t look all that pink from up close, but is definitely a change from regular lakes.

Lake Retba, Senegal

Lake Retba, or Pink Lake as it is popularly known is yet another spectacular pink lake located close to Dakar, the capital city of Senegal. The drive shouldn’t be long from the city, so if you have made it to Dakar, the job is pretty much done. As for the lake, it has high saltiness, at nearly 40%, which means it could be harmful for the human skin with prolonged exposure. Keeping this in mind, the locals apply a mixture of butter all over their body before diving into the waters. It is possible

Retba or Lac Rose, gets its pink color thanks to the sun and the same algae (Dunaliella salina) that makes Lake Hillier Pink. Considering the fact that the salinity of the lake is almost as high as the Dead Sea, is is possible to float in some parts of the lake. However, given the dangers it poses to your skin, it is recommended not to be exposed for long. Since the sun is a massive factor behind the color, the lake is at its pinkest when the sun is beating down heavily. A lot of tourists visit the place and have great stories to tell. If you happen to be in Africa, this one’s definitely worth checking out.

Las Salinas de Torrevieja, Spain

Situated in Alicante, Las Salinas de Torrevieja gets its color thanks to archaeas and dunaliellas, the algae located underneath the lake. Most pink lakes get their color from the same algae along with a combination of sunlight. You will be able to get to the lake through the nearest airport (Alicante), which is a port town, and filled with decent hotels for your stay. While the lake isn’t as spectacular as the other ones we’ve talked about on this list, it is definitely meant to be seen if you’re around Valencia. Since it is located near the Mediterranean Sea, you will find a healthy fishing community around with very helpful locals. The place can be visited all throughout the year since the weather doesn’t affect the experience in any way. However, some users have mentioned that they would prefer it to be warmer.

The lake doesn’t have high salinity, which means you can’t float on it. It’s a beautiful and massive lake, which will surely take you a day to completely explore. There are parks around the area, giving you an even better glimpse of the lagoon.

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

This lake, situated in Bolivia, South America, has one of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset spots, with the addition of flamingos early in the morning. The place comes highly recommended by everybody who’s been there. The color comes from the algae underneath, although local folklore claims it’s the “blood of the gods”. There are multiple Salt Flats tours conducted in the area which will definitely give you a better glimpse of the entire area. We highly recommend you to try this out if you’re not in the mood to explore all this by yourself. A 3-day tour will set you back by roughly $370, which isn’t much considering what it offers. Laguna Colorada has its own airport, although it’s not accessible at all times, so be sure to plan ahead.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

This is a slightly different lake compared to the others we have mentioned on this list. The lake has temperatures of above 40 °C (104 °F) sometimes even touching 60 °C (140 °F). This, coupled with the fact that the lake is located close to the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano means the lake has high alkaline content. The red color is derived from the microorganisms that exist on the lake. It’s not one of the popular pink/red lakes around the world, but it’s on our list given its location close to a volcano. The nearest airport to Lake Natron is the Julius Nyerere Airport located in Dar es Salaam. Most international flights go there, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a flight that you like. There are plenty of resorts and hotels around Lake Natron, so you shouldn’t find much trouble getting decent accommodation. If you’re lucky enough, you might even encounter some of the local wildlife on your trip. Bear in mind that it’s probably not safe to swim in Lake Natron, and we recommend heading over to Zanzibar, which offers a similar experience, but with safer water fronts.

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