5 Best Upside Down Houses Around the World

Architecture has come a long way in the past few centuries. Today, the technology and really the ideas are expanding exponentially, giving birth to modern human-made monuments. While there are several great monuments out there, upside down houses don’t get the recognition they deserve. These houses are designed carefully to replicate the experience of a normal building flipped up. The resulting experience can be pretty amazing, especially given the little nuances that the architects add with their buildings. There are several buildings like these in the world and we’re going to discuss some of the best upside down houses you can see around the world.

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In addition to being what it is i.e. an upside down house, several of these places offer tourist attractions meant to give you the full tour of the place and the surroundings. These will come in handy if you’re not sure how to go about it yourself. People of all ages are welcome here, although caution is necessary if children are involved. Those who have been in these houses claim that they feel slightly dizzy while entering some of these houses, which speaks volumes about the effort that has gone into making these buildings. So without waiting any further, let’s get to our favorite upside down houses.

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5 best upside down houses around the world

WonderWorks, Myrtle Beach

This one from WonderWorks is slightly smaller than the WonderWorks upside down house in Orlando, FL, but still has all of the same excitement. In addition to being an actual upside down building, Wonder Works in Myrtle Beach, SC, offers a number of unique activities like laser tag, obstacle courses and other family oriented games. There’s a room with a bed of nails which is definitely going to be a good addition to your travel pictures.

Further, there are over 100 hands-on exhibits within the building, along with the ability to experience what it’s like to be in an actual hurricane, piloting a fighter jet, and several other experiences that you surely can’t afford to miss. If you’re prone to getting dizzy easily, we suggest you to stay away. However, these houses are an excellent exercise for your brain as it tries to adjust with the upside down life. You can get in for roughly around $27.99 while kids’ tickets are priced at $17.99. Both tickets are excluding taxes, so you’ll probably end up paying close to $31 and $21 respectively. If you’re ever around South Carolina, a visit to Myrtle Beach, accompanied by WonderWorks is highly recommended.

Haus Steht Kopf, Schwaz, Austria

This little gem is located in Austria, well, Schwaz to be precise. Almost every visitor who has been here feels a little dizzy at first, while some simply can’t handle it. This is because the walls and the floors are slightly slanted for architectural purposes. The fact that the building is built so perfectly is also something worth mentioning. If you’re in the area, it is advisable to take a combo ticket of €28, which will give you access to the nearest Parrot House and all the birds there. There are some butterflies in there too, which is sure to put a smile on everybody’s face. It’s a fun family activity, although some might not prefer going inside the house.

One of the popular tips from the visitors is that it can get pretty hot within the house during summer days, so it is recommended to carry a water bottle or a portable fan. If you’re used to hot weather, however, you should face no issues whatsoever with the house. One cool tip with houses like these is to get as many pictures as possible, from all possible angles. If you’re on a short stay to Austria, this trip will be worth it. You have to get to Terfens, which is located in the Schwaz district to reach this point. It’s a popular attraction nearby, so you will find relevant information in the area.

Upside Down Museum, George Town, Malaysia

We’re now heading to Malaysia’s George Town which is home to the Upside Down Museum. Naturally, it’s quite popular in the country and is filled with tourists throughout the year. You will have to pay 27 MR (Malaysian Ringgit), which is the equivalent of $7 to get into the museum and you’re free to take as many pictures as you want. If there are people lined up to get into the museum, it’s likely that you will have to wait. You will find this modern masterpiece at Penang, located towards the northwest coast of peninsular Malaysia.

It is said that the staff at the museum also help you pose for the photos, which is definitely a nice touch if you’re not feeling creative enough during the pictures. This has no doubt increased the influx of tourists to Penang, which is refreshing to see since tourists generally visit the metropolitan areas of Malaysia.

Upside Down House (Dom Do Gory Nogami), Zakopane, Poland

We’re back in Europe now, in Poland, where the Dom Do Gory Nogami is located. You will find this structure in Zakopane, which won’t be hard to find if you’re in Poland. Visitors must keep in mind that this is a relatively small upside down house, so the areas that you can check out are relatively less. Perhaps this is why the admission will only cost you €3. Sure, there aren’t a lot of areas to cover here and you will probably get over with the tour in just about 10 minutes. However, it’s still an upside down house, and is built very well too. So if you have a few minutes to kill in Zakopane, you could go and pay this house a visit.

Upside Down House, Kaliningrad, Russia

Russia has its own version of the upside down house situated in Kaliningrad. The house is built using the same principles as other similar houses, and attracts a vast number of tourists on a regular basis. The interiors of the house are absolutely amazing and you will immediately feel a sense of dizziness as you get in. Walking within the complex can be tricky as well since the floors are slanted at an angle to replicate a real roof. You will have to travel to the outskirts of Kaliningrad to find this house, and can find it easily by getting directions for the Park of Recreation and Culture, Yunost. Getting in will only cost you 300 Rubles, which is around $6. Kids enter for free, so even better if the entire family is going on the trip.

There are several upside down houses around the world, and these were our best picks. Let us know if we’ve missed out on any other awesome structures like these!

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