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5 Best Samsung Phone Chargers In 2018

It always seems that the original charging equipment that comes with our smartphones works the best. A lot of the aftermarket options just don’t do the trick, either charging our phones and tablets extremely slow, often shorting out, or are simply defective. The classic “Accessory not supported” error message lets us know that. That said, it seems investing in OEM equipment would do us a whole lot better than much of the garbage put out by aftermarket manufacturers. Besides all of that, much of that OEM equipment lasts just as long as the phone does, not requiring you to always have to put money in new wall adapters or cords. If you follow along below, we’ll show you some of the best OEM charging equipment from Samsung, from regular wall adapters, to car chargers, to even wireless chargers. Here are our top picks.

Samsung Phone Chargers

Samsung Fast Charging Adapter

If you have a Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, or one of the recent Note smartphones, then you’re familiar with the Samsung Fast Charging Adapter. This is a single USB wall charger that takes advantage of either Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 in Snapdragon-chip phones, or Samsung’s own adaptive fast charging technology in Exynos-based phones. If you’ve used this charger for any amount of time, you know just how fast it can bring your phone up to full juice. Only one comes with a smartphone, allowing you to keep your phone charged by your bedside, but what about other areas of your home, or even at work? Now you can get an extra so you always have a charging solution in reach.

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Samsung OEM 2-Amp Adapter

If you’ve got an older Samsung phone, you know that some of the newer charging solutions just don’t work well with the likes of something as old as, say, the Galaxy S5, or even going all the way back to the Galaxy Note 2. That’s where the old, but trusty Samsung OEM 2-Amp Adapter comes into play — it’ll not only charge up your old Samsung devices, but any old smartphone you have laying around as well. You won’t run into any “accessory not supported” errors with this one. In addition to the wall adapter, you do get a Samsung micro-USB cable to go with it.

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Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

If you’ve got one of Samsung’s newer smartphones, you know just how useful wireless charging pads have become. Simply set your Samsung phone down on the wireless charging pad, and your phone starts charging up almost immediately. This is a neat way to charge your Samsung phone, as it preservers the integrity of the USB port, all while providing you with a level of convenience. And, not to worry, all of Samsung’s wireless charging pads have the same safety charging features (and more) built-in to prevent overcharging, power surges, and extreme temp increases.

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Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad

Of course, if you have one of the latest Samsung smartphones, such as the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9, you’re already aware that the previous wireless charging pad just won’t charge up your phone quick enough — it’s more of a trickle charge than anything. With the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad, you get more wattage output, which directly translates into a quicker charge. You could picture this as Samsung’s way to fast charge phones a la Quick Charge 3.0 wirelessly as Samsung would in the wall adapter. This does come with a cable, which plugs into the wireless pad, and then into the wall outlet to keep power going to the wireless pad.

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Samsung Fast Charge Dual-Port Car Charger

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Samsung Fast Charge Dual-Port Car Charger. There’s not a whole lot of car chargers that are, well, optimal for charging in the car. Many of them out there — especially from local gas stations — are defective, don’t have proper charging safety specs, and sometimes, they even short out pretty quickly. That’s not the case with this car charger from Samsung — it meets all of the safety standards, and can actually charge two devices simultaneously. Most car chargers are incapable of fast charging as well, but the Samsung car charger does support fast charging.

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Samsung has put out a lot of different chargers over the years — as you can see — and all of them are super high quality. With an OEM charger, you should (hopefully) never run across charging problems on the charger side of things. What charger you buy off this list all depends on the phone you have — if you have a Galaxy S9 or Note 9, you might want to snag a wireless charging pad, whereas if you have something like the Galaxy S7, you might want to use the Samsung Fast Charging Adapter.

Samsung Phone Chargers

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