5 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas in 2019

Traveling with your pets can be quite a difficult task at times. This is because most hotels don’t welcome pets as they do their human guests. This is particularly the case especially if you’re in a place like Las Vegas. One of the most popular destinations in the world, Las Vegas is home to a wide range of casinos accompanied by massive architectural beauties in the form of hotels. However, there are some hotels out there that offer the same kind of welcome and treatment to the pets as humans. We’re going to talk about these hotels today. So here are the 5 best pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas.

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5 best pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

The Four Seasons in Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist hotels in the area. It consists of lavish complexes, luxurious rooms, and a very friendly pet policy. The Four Seasons welcomes pets of its guests with open arms, and allows up to two pets provided they each weigh not more than 25 pounds. There’s a charge of $100 for a single pet per stay.

As for the hotel itself, the Four Seasons comes with all the modern amenities you can imagine, including 24 hour room service and a massive conference hall for meetings and other events. There’s even a minibar near the pool, allowing you to beat the heat more effectively. Visitors will also find a wide array of shops within the hotel to purchase gifts or souvenirs. Further, there’s a dedicated spa if you’re ever in the mood to pamper yourself. There’s a lazy river within the hotel as well, allowing you to just lay back and relax.

Travelers have great things to say about the service provided by the staff here, making this a worthwhile stay for all visitors. If there’s one word that comes to mind about this particular hotel, it’s luxury. However, luxury is synonymous with a lot of Las Vegas resorts and hotels, so that’s not the only metric that we can use to judge a hotel in the area. This hotel is recommended if you don’t gamble and/or prefer a non-smoking hotel. An average room at the Four Seasons will set you back by $240 per night.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

This is yet another pet friendly hotel in Las Vegas which is known for its luxury. Users who have been here say that dogs receive royal treatment at the hotel with surprise gifts and treats provided to your pets periodically. The hotel only allows dogs, however, so your pet choices are fairly limited. You can bring only two pets, each weighing 25 pounds or lower. There’s a fee of $50 per pet, which is reasonable considering how they’re treated. This isn’t a smoke-free hotel, however, so you will find people smoking within the premises. Customers mention that there’s no free parking, which can be a concern for some people.

The restaurant itself is filled with large rooms with all the facilities you can imagine. The hotel comes with 14 restaurants and 3 cafes, and most of them are open throughout the day, so you will have no trouble finding something to eat or drink at any given time. If you’re a Marriott member, you can use your points here at the hotel, which is convenient. There are 3041 rooms to pick from, so you will find that there’s something for everyone’s liking. Further, there are three outdoor spa tubs and three swimming pools, but we suggest getting here early as it can get pretty crowded really quickly.

Overall, your stay at the hotel is expected to be excellent thanks to the courteous staff at the hotel. There’s always someone to help you out with something, which is really helpful in a property as large as this. A night at this room will cost you about $159 on average.

Caesars Palace

The Caesars Palace is one of the highly rated hotels in Las Vegas and somewhat of a tourist attraction, thanks to mentions in several movies and TV shows. It’s one of the most recognizable resorts on Las Vegas and often times the preferred hotel for a lot of travelers. It also has its own casino, which can help you kill some time playing slots or something involving a lot more money. The property has 16 restaurants and four coffee shops to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

And yes, it’s pet friendly. Caesars Palace allows customers to bring a maximum of two pets. The total pet limit is 50 pounds, so you probably won’t be able to accommodate bigger dogs at the property. Much like other hotels, only dogs are allowed at the resort, which is a letdown for cat owners who want to travel. There are a total of seven outdoor swimming pools to keep you relaxed throughout your stay and a spa to go along with it.

Naturally, a hotel of this caliber won’t compromise on quality, so you’re assured of getting the best service from the front desk staff as well as the housekeeping department. 24-hour room service is available at the hotel, so if you need anything in a hurry, the hotel should be able to sort you out. Caesars Palace has a large expanse of rooms ranging from $136 to $1000.

The Mirage Hotel & Casino

This hotel has a slightly restrictive pet policy as it only allows up to two pets weighing a total of 40 pounds. Only dogs are allowed as with the other hotels on this list. You will have to spend an additional $125 per night for each pet, which can bring up your total tally to quite a bit. This is a slightly unconventional policy in comparison with the other hotels on the list, but the hotel makes up for it with its extravagant architecture and lavish interiors.

There are 10 restaurants within the hotel and two coffee shops. Getting to and from the hotel is convenient thanks to the hotel’s limo and town car service. It’s important to remember that there’s also a casino on this property, so the guests will probably spend a long duration of their stay at the casinos, provided they like gambling. There are plenty of other activities to undertake within the hotel to kill some time barring the casinos and the restaurants. The staff is very helpful and will help you make your stay perfect. There’s 24 hour room service as well.

Rates for the room start from as low as $45 and go all the way up to $210. As far as hotels in Las Vegas are concerned, this one is among the cheapest.

Paris Las Vegas

Yet another major landmark in Las Vegas, Paris is a popular hotel preferred by thousands of guests every year from all over the world. It has a massive Eiffel Tower replica on the front, which gives it the legendary status that it enjoys in the city. Their pet policy is pretty relaxed and they allow up to two pets at a charge of $75/pet per night. The dogs shouldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds combined. No other pets are allowed on the property.

There’s a nightclub within the resort which can help you unwind after a tiring journey, although you’re only likely to get more tired with all that dancing. There are 13 restaurants and a coffee shop to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of resources to keep you occupied during your stay at Paris. The room collection is diverse and you can book one night at Paris from as low as $59 per night. The most expensive room at the hotel (available online) will cost you $172.

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