5 Best Netgear Routers in 2019

Wi-Fi routers have become a necessity in the modern day, mainly due to the fact that it runs a lot of homes and offices use internet wirelessly. Keeping this in mind, this is one of the essential components for any modern internet setup. Given the number of brands out there, it can sometimes be a little confusing as to which brand to go with.

Best Netgear Routers

If there’s one brand that stands apart from the rest of the crowd, it’s Netgear. They make some of the best wireless equipment out there, making their products a favorite among loyal customers and experts. Keeping this in mind, if you’re on the hunt for a new router, this particular brand will have to do the trick. So we’re going to talk about five of the company’s best routers available out there. While most routers serve pretty much the same purpose, there are some key differences that set them apart.

5 Best Netgear Routers

Netgear R6700 Nighthawk

This is an excellent Wi-Fi router for home use and comes with a slew of features on board. Setting this up at your home or office is pretty easy and quick, while you can also download Netgear’s app and speed up the setup process that way. On this app, you will find features like parental controls as well as router configurations, making it easier for you to get all the information you need on the router. You can also update the router with new configurations using just the app, so it’s vital that the users have the app installed on their smartphones. The router can have up to 11 connections at a time, which is pretty decent for a home setup.

The antennae on the router can be directed towards your devices for better range. However, the app lets you prioritize bandwidth for gaming or other devices, so you have nothing to worry about with regards to speed management. This handy router is slightly expensive compared to other offerings on the market with Amazon currently listing it for $99.99.

Netgear R7500

This is easily one of the best routers out there if you have the budget for it. It uses MU-MIMO technology, allowing bandwidth to be directed towards each device equally. Naturally, this router also supports the Netgear app, offering easy setup and a bunch of other features at your fingertips. Some of the features of the router make it suitable for gaming. It comes with a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor underneath along with Dynamic QoS. The 4×4 structure allows for lag-free gaming and 4K video streaming from services like Netflix.

The onboard antennae support beamforming technology to offer optimum coverage even through walls. However, routers always work better when the path of the signal isn’t blocked or hindered in any way. As far as speeds are concerned, you get 600 Mbps (2.4 GHz band) and 1,733 Mbps (5 GHz band). As we’ve mentioned above, this particular router won’t come cheap. Amazon is currently listing this offering at $219.99, which is pretty steep, but completely justified given the features that it comes with.

Netgear Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi Router

This is a slightly different router than the one we’ve mentioned above as it is a mesh Wi-Fi router designed for range. Although there are multiple variants to choose from, this particular offering (2 units) can spread your network by up to 5,000 square feet, which is pretty amazing for a big office complex or similar structures. If you need this for your home, you can also get the single unit, which will also save you some money. Overall, range is one of the biggest concerns for a majority of the Wi-Fi users, so it’s good to know that the company has covered its bases there. Although there are a number of other manufacturers that make mesh Wi-Fi routers, the Netgear Orbi stands out.

If you have an Alexa powered device at your home, you can send commands through it to your Orbi, which is a nice feature to have. Using the Netgear app, you can setup parental controls and even create a guest Wi-Fi network for visitor’s at your place. A single unit of the Orbi will cost you $129.99, which is pretty decent for any professional router.

Netgear XR500

This router is designed specifically for the gamers out there, as you can probably tell by the design. As with one of the routers we’ve mentioned before, this one supports QoS which is designed for lag-free gaming. Network features are one of the most important aspects of any multiplayer game, so if you fit into this segment, you really can’t do better than the Netgear XR500. There’s a dedicated gaming dashboard on the app to help you minimize ping times and also direct traffic to the devices of your choice.

The router test reveals speeds of 2.6 Gbps on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, which is perfect for a gaming router. Customers might be slightly alarmed with the price tag of $293.99, but given that this is designed for gamers, the price tag is hardly a concern. Adding further to its list of features is a built-in VPN feature to hide your online footprint, giving an extra layer of security for the users.

Netgear R8000

This Alexa compatible router has a total of six antennae, which means you’ll get more range than a standard four pronged or two pronged Wi-Fi router. The router also has a 1 GHz dual-core processor which works in tandem with offline routers, offering optimum speed and lag-free usage. Using the Netgear Up app on your Android device, you can hasten the setup process. The app also helps you control almost every aspect of the router, including the ability to direct traffic to a specific device.

It can offer speeds of 3.2 Gbps on 2.4 and 5 GHz connections, so regardless of what you’re streaming (even Netflix on 4K), you will face absolutely no issues here. The router also supports beamforming technology. This particular offering is priced at $209.99 on Amazon. Be sure to check it out.

Best Netgear Routers