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5 Best LG V30 Screen Protector In 2018

It happens with almost every device — over the course of weeks and months after first picking up, the screen just naturally obtains scratches and scuffs. This could be from having it in your pocket, possibly clanging around in there with keys or other items. It could be from leaving it face down on a desk, accidental drops, and more. Either way, the scratches and scuffs the screen obtains is nothing short of infuriating — often it can ruin media experiences with scratches being easily observable in certain lights. That said, you would rightly want to prevent that from happening on your new, or somewhat new, LG V30. If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best screen protectors you can pick up for the device. Here are our top picks.

LG V30 Screen Protector

Hartser LG V30 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

First up, we have the LG V30 Tempered Glass Screen Protector by Hartser. This is a full coverage screen protector that will even keep your bezels scratch-free. You’re getting edge to edge protection here, with a hardness rating of 9H. It’ll keep your LG V30 protected against bumps, scratches, and even daily use. It has a 99.99% transparency rating, which means that you should still be able to see the LG V30’s ultra clear display without any degrade in quality. This is actually a tempered glass screen protector, which has much better quality to it. Generally, these can take much more of a beating than regular protectors; however, it does add a little bit of extra thickness to your phone’s screen due to the layers of tempered glass.

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SpectreShield For LG V30

Next up, we have the SpectreShield for the LG V30. This is the standard plastic screen protector that you can apply to your smartphone. It’s a “wet install” style, so be sure you consult the instructions that SpectreShield sends in with this screen protector. You should have no problem installing this protector, as SpectreShield takes a bubble-free approach. If you follow the instructions, it goes on without any trouble. It does have a high transparency rating, so you shouldn’t lose any screen quality with this one either. SpectreShield even sends you a lifetime replacement voucher to replace the film for the life of your smartphone!

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Qiangxiang LG V30 Tempered Glass Protector

As far as screen protectors go, it’s difficult to get any better than tempered glass. The regular plastic film will keep your screen protected, but it’s not nearly as an all-encompassing protection as tempered glass. That’s why we like the Quangxiang LG V30 Tempered Glass protector — they try to keep the same thickness as the original plastic protector while still giving you that extra protection that comes with tempered glass. This is a self-healing tempered glass, so you might notice that light scratches eventually disappear from this protector.

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Klearlook Screen Protector

If you’re still set on the classic plastic film screen protector, you can’t go wrong with the wet install Klearlook Screen Protector. This package comes with two wet install screen protectors, giving you an extra in the event that you accidentally mess up the install or need a replacement for some time down the road. These protectors will keep your screen free of scratches, scuffs, and other damage — Klearlook says that their screen protectors work well with cases, but you should at least wait a day after application for the screen protector to settle.

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Live2Pedal LG V30 Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2 Pack

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Live2Pedal LG V30 Tempered Glass Screen Protector. You actually get a two-pack with your purchase, giving you one to immediately apply, and then another as a replacement for later. This is an anti-scratch screen protector, which means the protector absorbs or “self-heals” form light scratches and nicks. It’s anti-fingerprint as well, so you shouldn’t have trouble with getting smudges all over your screen. Live2Pedal says this has a 99.99% transparency rating, so even with this screen protector on your phone, you should still see that beautiful display without any degradation of quality. Live2Pedal puts a lifetime warranty on this screen protector in the event that you need a replacement or something doesn’t hold up.

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By purchasing one of the above screen protectors, you’re ensuring that your phone’s display will no more take the abuses of everyday life. We recommend opting for a tempered glass screen protector, as they have that extra protection that could ultimately save your phone from a bad run-in.

LG V30 Screen Protector

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