5 Best Honeymoon Hotels in Santorini in 2019

So you just got married or are about to get married, and you’re picking a honeymoon spot but can’t figure out where to go yet. Well, we’ve all been there. If you’re still torn on where to go on your magical few weeks, well, Santorini in Greece is a very good option. It’s home to a lot of scenic views enriched with a lot of history. This is the perfect spot for your honeymoon.

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Okay, so we’ve settled on Santorini. But surely you won’t be able to find decent hotels on your own. Given that this is a tourist town, there are so many hotels to choose from. We’re going to help you narrow your search by picking the best hotels suited for your ideal honeymoon in Santorini. So let’s get right to it.

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5 best honeymoon hotels in Santorini

Canaves Oia Hotel

This hotel is highly rated by travelers as the best place in Santorini mainly for the kind of views it offers and the luxury at offer. It’s incredibly well built, although the standard rooms and suites are in different locations, which can be a bit of an inconvenience at times. The hotel also offers private yachting for tourists, which should make it an ideal place to be for your honeymoon. Reviewers also praise the infinity pool on the property which apparently offers the best view among the lot of hotels available here. There’s also a minibar right next to the pool so you can unwind and relax while handling the heat in Santorini. Bear in mind that the hotel is slightly away from the main strip of Santorini, which means you’ll have to go a bit further to reach this hotel.

But it will all be worth it for the kind of luxury and the natural views that it provides. No hotel can be good without its staff and the Canaves Oia is no different. Customers mention that the staff are incredibly helpful and polite to guide you through the intricacies of Santorini. Not all of the rooms here have bathtubs, which might not be a dealbreaker for everyone. You get amazing visuals of the Aegean Sea from this particular hotel making this one of the best hotels to stay at when you’re in Santorini.

They even have a dedicated wine cellar with wine tastings conducted for the visitors. If you’re into wine, this is definitely worth a try. Rooms at the hotel will set you back by about $309 (on average) while the most expensive rooms will cost you about $1300.

Andronis Luxury Suites

This is yet another property located on the Aegean Sea which will surely make you fall in love with Santorini. It has all the aspects of a luxury hotel including an infinity pool and several amenities to make it a memorable honeymoon experience. There are some small quirks, but that’s mostly down to the fact that Santorini is pretty isolated. You shouldn’t be surprised if the Wi-Fi doesn’t work as you need it to, as it is a common theme among all hotels on the island. However, it is recommended to keep yourself free of internet connectivity when you’re on your honeymoon at this magical location, so the lack of proper Wi-Fi is not necessarily a problem. But visitors will be pleased to know that the property offers free Wi-Fi to all users, so you will be able to use internet without paying a fee, whenever available.

You get to see amazing scenic vistas from the hotel, which can be said about pretty much any hotel along the shores of the Aegean Sea. Andronis is ideal for honeymooners who don’t want to be buried in the hurry of city life and just want time for themselves to unwind and relax.

Some things about the hotel that every visitor needs to know about. For starters, you can’t adjust the temperature on your hot tub unless you make a call to the front desk. This is a minor quirk, but worth knowing beforehand. The steps leading to the hotel are said to be pretty steep, although couples will probably not mind this. The hotel is at a walking distance from Oia, making it a convenient location those in Santorini. Prices for the rooms start from $384, going all the way up to $1500.

Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle

This is yet another beautiful property located on Oia in Santorini. It has some of the best views and amazing rooms which will suit your liking. It’s the best place to be for romantic couples as it allows for seclusion and a wide range of couple centric activities that can be enjoyed by those on their honeymoon. Every guest at the hotel is served free Greek breakfast at the bar each morning, which is certainly a nice touch by the hotel. It is recommended to try out the suites in this hotel as they are all designed like caves and have amazing in-room features.

You also get a view of the volcanic rock from this hotel, which is something that not all hotels can offer in the area. One minor inconvenience here is that if you’re staying in Oia Castle, you might have to head over to the Aspaki property to use some of the facilities. The Junior Suite starts from $444, while the best room, known as the Deluxe Pool Villa will set you back by $935 per day. This option is ideal for large groups traveling together.

Dream Luxury Suites

This property is located in Imerovigli and is quite away from the rest of the hotels we’ve mentioned on this list. However, it is equally beautiful, if not better and offers a variety of experiences for honeymooners to indulge in. The rooms are well built and are incredibly luxurious, ideal for new couples. The views from the hotel are considered jaw dropping by several reviewers, so you definitely won’t be starved for vistas around the vicinity.

What makes this hotel excellent for couples is the fact that it’s away from some of the popular areas of Santorini, making it ideal for couples who prefer privacy over the noise of tourists. The view from the pool is particularly breathtaking and will surely leave a lasting memory in your lives. This hotel comes highly recommended from a variety of travel sites and experts, making this an instant pick in our books. The cheapest suites in the hotel will set you back by $587 whereas the top of the line villa will cost you close to $900.

Grace Santorini Hotel

This is rated to be one of the best hotels in Santorini. It has one of the biggest pools in the caldera, making for a breathtaking view from a number of locations on the property. You get pampered heavily here, which is the hallmark of Greek honeymoon hotels. Most rooms even come with private plunge pools at Grace Santorini, which helps couples isolate themselves from other tourists. It’s no surprise that reviewers call this the “perfect” place for honeymooners. The location is ideal and has some of the best in-room features available on the island. If you’re hard pressed between multiple hotels, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick Grace Santorini.

The cheapest room in Grace Santorini will cost you $631 whereas the expansive villa will cost you $5100. Happy honeymooning!

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