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5 Best Google Daydream View Alternative In 2019

Google has made a really good virtual reality experience with the Daydream View. It’s a beautiful VR headset that has a soft, fabric-like material. It feels comfortable when worn, and isn’t too weighty, even with your phone placed inside. Still, there are a lot of folks that aren’t a big fan of Google’s Daydream View and would prefer a different way to experience virtual reality content. Luckily, the market is flooded with affordable virtual reality mobile headsets. If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best Google Daydream View alternatives available. Here are our top picks.

Google Daydream View Alternative

Samsung Gear VR With Controller

If you’ve got a Samsung smartphone, the obvious choice here is the Gear VR. The Samsung Gear VR offers one of the best mobile virtual reality experience to date. After all, the Gear VR is made in partnership with the virtual reality masters themselves: Oculus. Set your supported Samsung smartphone in the headset, put the headset on, and you’re ready to experience all of your favorite VR content. This Gear VR actually comes with a controller, so it’s fairly easy to navigate now. It’s worth noting that this Gear VR supports both USB-C and micro-USB Samsung smartphones — be sure to check the product description for supported photos, but right now, it for sure works with the Galaxy Note 8, all the way down to the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

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Lenovo Mirage Solo

We’re big fans of the Lenovo Mirage Solo here at The Droid Guy as well. The mobile virtual reality headset doesn’t require the use of a phone, PC, or any cords. It’s a standalone headset that literally works on its own. It’s got its own hardware packed in it, so it really is powered on its own. Put the Mirage Solo on and just go. It’s as easy as turning it on, and you’re ready to navigate virtual reality — a full charge will last you about three hours before needing to juice up again. There are currently over 250 applications available in the Play Store that work with Mirage Solo, primarily a bunch of VR-ready games.

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Oculus GO

The Oculus GO is another Daydream View alternative to consider. Similar to the Mirage Solo, this is a completely standalone VR headset, sort of. You don’t have to use any smartphones, PCs or cords to use this virtual reality headset — all you have to do is connect the Oculus GO with the Oculus GO app on your smartphone (free from the Play Store and Apple’s AppStore). Once connected up, you’re ready to experience VR the way it was meant to be: seamless, and with no obstructions. With the GO being an Oculus device, you do have access to a wide range of virtual reality content. With 3D audio and a very detailed display, the Oculus GO offers a truly immersive experience. It’s also one of the cheaper standalone experiences at $200.

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VeeR Oasis

The one downside to standalone solutions like the Oculus GO and the Lenovo Mirage Solo is just expensive they can get. It’s nice that it’s a seamless and wireless experience, but it makes it so that many consumers can’t afford them or don’t want to take the risk on VR at that price. That’s where the VeeR Oasis comes in. Supporting phones between 4- and 6.2-inches in size, anyone can try virtual reality out for $37. This is a comfortable virtual reality headset with perfect load distribution — the virtual reality experience can last as long as your phone can on battery. There’s an absolute ton of high quality VR content available on the VeeR Oasis as well.

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VR Elegiant

Last, but certainly not least, we have the VR Elegiant. The VR Elegiant headset supports smartphone that are between 4- and 6-inches in size. It even has support for the iPhone. The headset itself isn’t super comfortable, particularly because of the strap used to keep the VR headset in place; however, load distribution isn’t bad, so it doesn’t feel too weighty. There’s over 300 virtual reality apps available with the Elegiant, which allow you to watch all of your favorite content from YouTube, Google Player, and so much more. There’s even a wide array of games available!

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As you can see, there are a lot of great alternatives out there to the Daydream View, especially if you’re willing to spend the cash on an Oculus GO or a Lenovo Mirage Solo. Do you have a favorite VR headset? Let us know in the comments section below!

Google Daydream View Alternative

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