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5 Best Galaxy S9 Fast Charger In 2018

There are a lot of chargers out there that don’t support any sort of fast charging technology, even if it concerns the better speeds associated with USB-C! It’s shocking and frustrating, but this is how many manufacturers are able to get prices down so low, whether it’s on the consumer end or just trying to save the company money. Unfortunately, that’s bad for business because consumers want to take advantage of the fast charging tech they bought a phone for. Not only that, but many of these chargers they’re skimping out on material on are not certified, which means they could very easily short out or just not work. With that in mind, if you follow along below, we’ll show you the best fast chargers that you can pick up for your Galaxy S9. Here are our top picks.

Galaxy S9 Fast Charger

Moona Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Adapter

First up, we have the Moona Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Adapter. This takes on a similar appearance to the stock Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging adapter, but it still meets all of the specifications for fast charging. Whether you’re trying to fast charge with your Galaxy S9 or a device that also supports Quick Charge (or similar technologies, like TurboCharge), this Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Adapter will help you with that. You only get one wall charger in this package, but it does come with a USB-C cable, which usually isn’t the case when you purchase a wall adapter on its own. For $12, it’s hard to complain about this package.

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Samsung Original Fast Charging Adapter

Of course, you can’t go wrong with what Samsung offers in the original Adaptive Fast Charging adapter. This comes with all Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S8 and up) now, providing you with a wall adapter that’s more than capable of taking advantage of fast charging capabilities. Plug a supported cable in this one, and you can get your Galaxy S9 charged up halfway after just a few minutes on the wire. As you can imagine, it has all of the built-in safety features you would ever need as well — protection against over charging, power surges, temperature increases, and a whole lot more. The nice thing about this package is that you get two of these adapters for the price of one.

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Seneo Qi Certified Wireless Fast Charger

Don’t like ruining your USB-C port by constantly plugging in cables and pulling them out? We don’t either — over time, it seems like ports just get ruined this way, which was especially true for micro USB ports. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S9 supports Qi Wireless Charging, so you can throw out that old cable and wall adapter and use the Seneo Qi Certified Wireless Fast Charged. Actually, don’t do that — you’ll need them to keep power to this wireless charger! Simply set your phone on the wireless charging pad, and the Seneo Qi will be able to provide up to 10 watts of fast charging power to your phone.

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Samsung Convertible Wireless Fast Charger

You might also want to consider Samsung’s own wireless fast charger. They actually provide a really nice one, as it works as not only a pad, but a stand as well. That’s where the “convertible” term comes from in the name. At any time you can choose to switch the wireless charge into a flat surface or a stand for your desk. On top of that, you get up to 9 watts of charging, which is a lot more than most wireless charging pads will provide you with.

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Galaxy S9 Adaptive Fast Charging Kit

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Galaxy S9 Adaptive Fast Charging Kit. Yes, this is actually a kit. In it, you get an adaptive fast charging wall outlet, as well as a couple of supported USB-C cables. In addition, a car charger is provided to you, giving you fast charging even in your car. That is almost unheard of, as car chargers are notorious for being extremely slow and “trickle” charging your phone. That’s not the case with this car charger though — plug your phone in and get super fast charging speeds on the go!

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There are a lot of great fast charges out there available for not only the Galaxy S9, but a ton of other devices. The chargers on this list are nice because they are versatile, working not only for the Galaxy S9, but all devices with fast charging tech built into them.

Galaxy S9 Fast Charger

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