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5 Best Galaxy S9 Charging Cable In 2018

Having trouble with third-party charging cables for your Samsung Galaxy S9? It happens a lot, and that’s because you’re buying from manufacturers that don’t follow correct USB standards, manufacturers that skimp out on material and specification in favor of making a cheaper cable that’s more attractive to consumers. Only, over time it ends up being regrettable to consumers because it just doesn’t work, or at least won’t work well. Sometimes you might grab it from the store, take it home and plug it in, and then you’ll get that dreaded “Accessory Not Supported” error message. Your phone won’t charge, and you’re stuck with a dud.

Galaxy S9 Charging Cable

If you’re looking to avoid that situation, whether you’ve already been in it or not, be sure to check out the best Galaxy S9 charging cables we have listed below. You won’t regret these, and they’re sure to last you a long time. Here are our top picks.

BrexLink USB-C Certified Charging Cable

First up, we have the BrexLink USB-C Certified Charging Cable. This BrexLink USB-C cable, as the name implies, is USB certified, which means it’s following current USB standards and spec — you won’t be getting that “accessory not supported” error message, nor will you be experiencing any problems with this cable. It’s a really durable cable as well, featuring a nylon braided insulation material, which will keep the wires inside protected from heavy daily usage — you can use this cable thousands of times and never have to worry about cracking or crushing wiring. This is actually a two pack, providing you with two 6.6ft USB-C cables.

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Ainope USB-C Cable

Ainope makes a rather nice USB-C cable for your Galaxy S9 and other USB-C equipped electronics and devices. It follows current USB-C spec, so you don’t have to worry about getting a bad cable; however, Ainope also says it supports fast charging, so you shouldn’t have a problem taking advantage of Quick Charge 2.0 or other fast charging technologies with this cable. It does have that nylon braided insulation to keep wires protected, though Ainope is calling it an “Armor Cord,” giving you molded joints and rated use for up to over 6000 times. This is another two pack, giving you two 6.6ft USB C cables.

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JSAUX USB Type C Cable

JSAUX is another popular brand in the charging accessory market, offering up a variety of charging products to consumers. They offer all sorts of charging cables as well, including really nice USB Type C cables. They follow current USB C standards, so you don’t have to worry about the cable wiring being defective. This is actually yet another cable with that nylon braided insulation, so you don’t have to worry about putting any breaks or cracks in the wiring anytime soon. This package will give you up to three USB-C cables — a 1ft, 3.3ft, and 6.6ft cable.

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Volutz USB C Cable

Next up, we have the Volutz USB-C Cable. These cables are really nice because they factor in a pretty unique design. The cables themselves are very colorful, and have a more mechanical appearance to them. The tips are actually gold plated, which reduce corrosion and provide better heat resistance. You still get that nice nylon braided insulation so that you have supreme protection against wire breaks and cracks. It has springy rubberized joints as well, so you shouldn’t experience any problems there either. This is a five pack, giving you an array of USB-C cables in varying lengths and sizes.

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EVISTR USB Certified Type C Cable

Last, but certainly not least, we have the EVISTR USB Certified Type C Cable. As the name implies, these cables are USB-C certified, so you won’t have to worry about getting anything defective — everything is made up to spec with these cables. These cables also have that nylon braided insulation, protecting the wire inside well, and then offering bends up to and over 6000 times before needing replacement. There’s all different colors in the pack, and you get up to three USB C cables with your purchase, all of which are 10ft in length. For $12, that’s not a bad bargain.

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As you can see, there can be a lot of great charging cables for the Galaxy S9 out there. Not all third-party cables are going to cause you problems. With a little research and investigation, you’ll be able to find cables that won’t give you that dreaded “Accessory Not Supported” error message on your phone, even if you’re buying from a local gas station.

Galaxy S9 Charging Cable

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