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5 Best Galaxy S9 Bluetooth Keyboard In 2018

Are you tired of using the on-screen Samsung Galaxy S9 keyboard to complete your tasks, whether that be writing up documents or manipulating excel sheets? You might even write articles or papers, and have to do that sometimes from your phone. That can make your life really frustrating, but as it always seems, there’s a hardware solution for everything. You can say goodbye to that on-screen keyboard by using an external keyboard designed for the Samsung Galaxy S9, or really, any smartphone! If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best keyboards that you can pick up for your smartphone. Here are our top picks.

Galaxy S9 Bluetooth Keyboard

Joyzy Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

First up on our list, we have the Joyzy Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard. This keyboard is particularly nice because it works great for portability — on the go a lot? No problem — when you’re done with, fold this keyboard up and throw it in the backpack! This one does connect up by way of Bluetooth, so after your first pairing, you should be able to connect up automatically when you power the keyboard on. It is white in color, but does come in black as well. The built-in rechargeable battery can provide you with up to several months of usage.

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Jelly Comb B047 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

The Jelly Come B047 is another really nice keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Similar to the Joyzy, it can fold up and be thrown in the backpack for later use. A single charge will only get you about two hours of use here, or 18 days on standby. The keys feel very nice — with little travel, you don’t have to worry about your hands cramping up. They provide some very nice tactile feedback as well. After you connect up to your Galaxy S9 the first time, pairing should be automatic every time you power this keyboard to the “on” position.

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1byone Bluetooth Keyboard

Next up, we have the 1byone Bluetooth Keyboard. This one probably has the most portability on this list, folding up into thirds. The keyboard itself is made of a very nice aluminum material, so you get a fairly premium feel with this Bluetooth keyboard. It has your typical QWERTY layout, and can last up to 64 hours of continuous use. A charge will take about four hours or less. It does work over Bluetooth 3.0, which means that you’ll only get about 33ft of wireless range. It’s very easy to use, pairing is fast — just press FN+C on the keyboard — there’s a magnetic switch and even a smart on/off feature.¬† In addition to working with the Galaxy S9, it’ll work with just about any other device out there that can receive keyboard input as well. Key travel is light, so your hands won’t cramp during long periods of typing.

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Jelly Comb Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Next up, we have the Jelly Comb Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. This is a super nice keyboard that is fully featured. It has your typical QWERTY setup, but they keys are a tad bit smaller. That’s because the keyboard tries to make room for a touchpad, which acts as a mouse. This is actually the perfect keyboard for typing at night, as the keys are all LED backlit. Because of the mouse touchpad function, you’ll find that this keyboard only works fully with Android and Windows tablets — the mouse touchpad won’t be functional on many other devices, such as Smart TVs and iOS devices.

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Jelly Comb BK230 Dual Channel Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Jelly Comb BK230, a dual-channel multi-device Bluetooth keyboard. This is actually a full-size keyboard, so it isn’t foldable by any means. The full size is nice, as it is easier on the hands. The neat thing about this keyboard is indeed the multi device function, allowing two devices to be connected up to this keyboard at once. Place your two devices in the stand of those keyboard, and you can quickly switch between the phone or device that you want to use in the moment. Key travel is light, so it’s easy to type on, too.

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If you’re frustrated with doing all your typing digitally with an on-screen keyboard, then any one of the keyboards on this list just provide you with some relief. All of these can last a long time on battery, and most of them are easily portable. In fact, many of these keyboards can be folded up and thrown in a backpack — some of them even fit in your pocket!

Galaxy S9 Bluetooth Keyboard

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