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5 Best Galaxy S9 Battery Case In 2018

Do you use your phone a lot and run of out of battery, seemingly too quickly? It happens a lot, especially if you depend on your phone for work and play. And then, if you’re out and about, there’s almost no way to charge it, or at least keep it charged. It puts you in a sticky situation, but luckily, not all hope is lost yet. If you don’t mind adding some thickness to your Galaxy S9, a battery case could do you well, providing you with plenty of extra juice to make your Galaxy S9 last well throughout the day and into the night.

Galaxy S9 Battery Case

So, what battery case should you pick up for the Galaxy S9? If you follow along, we’ll show you the best battery cases you can pick up for the Galaxy S9. Here are our top picks.

DCASE Galaxy S9 Plus Battery Case

First up on our list is the DCASE Galaxy S9 Plus Battery Case. We’ve mostly listed battery cases for the Galaxy S9 on this list, but for Galaxy S9 Plus users, you can’t go wrong with the DCASE. It has a large 5,200mAh rechargeable power pack in it. Not only that, but it offers all-around inclusive protection for your Galaxy S9 Plus. It’s hard exterior shell will keep you protected against drops, while the raised bezels will keep your phone’s screen off surfaces, preventing any sort of cosmetic damage.

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Elebase Galaxy S9 Charging Case

The Elebase Galaxy S9 Charging Case is a pretty slim case as far as battery charging cases do go, and it offers ample protection. The inside of the case even has a soft, microfiber layer to keep your smartphone’s glass back safe from cosmetic damage. It has a large 4,700mAh battery, so you’ll be able to charge your Galaxy S9 from dead to full with this case at least once, and then charge it a bit more. A rigid plastic shell and raised bezels will ensure that your case stays protected from the elements.

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Alpatronix Galaxy S9 Battery Case

Alpatronix makes a really good Galaxy S9 Battery Case. It has a 4,000mAh battery packed in it that will keep your Galaxy S9 charged when you start running out of juice. The case itself will offer you excellent protection, but one of the unique things about the Alpatronix Galaxy S9 Battery Case is that it supports wireless charging through Qi. Most wireless charging technologies don’t work with battery cases, such as the ZeroLemon options below, but Alpatronix will work just fine with it. Using the case itself is easy — take off the top piece of the case, slide the Galaxy S9 into the case itself over the USB-C port, put the top piece back on, and you’re ready to roll!

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ZeroLemon Galaxy S9 Battery Pack Case

If you don’t want something too thick, but still want the benefits of battery charging, ZeroLemon does a really good job with the Galaxy S9 Battery Pack Case — it has a 4,700mAh battery in the case that will charge up your Galaxy S9 in a pinch. It’s relatively thin as far as battery cases go, but it’ll still provide you with good protection, offering a rubber TPU cover to absorb shock, and then the outer hard battery shell as an added layer of protection. Hit the button on the back to start charging from the case itself.

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ZeroLemon Rugged Charging Case

Are you looking for all-inclusive rugged protection with charging capabilites? Then look no further than the ZeroLemon Rugged Charging Case. This case is pretty thick, but will offer you protection like no other. Unlike many cases that are offering a screenless design, ZeroLemon says this case will even protect that innovative curved display. You won’t ever have to worry about dropping this and breaking your Galaxy S9. On top of that, the ZeroLemon Rugged Charging Case has a massive 8,000mAh battery in it that will keep your phone charged at all times. Start running out of battery, and just press the button on the back to begin charging from the case.

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As you can see, you can very easily keep your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus charged at all times with one of these awesome charging cases. Slap one of these on your phone, and you’ll stay charged well into the night and possibly even through some of the next day, all depending on your use, of course.

Galaxy S9 Battery Case

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