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5 Best Galaxy Note 9 Cases In 2018

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is a large and expensive smartphone, one that you don’t want to lose to an accidental drop on the ground or in a pool of water. By putting a case on the Galaxy Note 9, you’ll shield it from a lot of the shock involved in a drop, which is what destroys most smartphones. With a case, you’ll keep your phone protected against dust, dirt, and other elements as well. This is an extremely popular phone, so there’s a lot of accessories and cases launching for it, which make it difficult to choose just one. So what case is the best for this phone? Follow along below and we’ll show you our to picks.

Galaxy Note 9 Cases

Besiva Slim Fit Galaxy Note 9 Case

First up on our list we have the Besiva Slim Fit Galaxy Note 9 case. This is a cheap case that almost anyone can afford. The Besiva Slim Fit will keep your phone free from scratches and light bumps. You will love just how slim this case is — set your Galaxy Note 9 in this case and it’ll feel as if nothing’s there. It is a Clear Case as well, so it does preserve the original color and design of your Galaxy Note 9 as well.

One of the neat things about the Besiva Slim Fit Galaxy Note 9 case is that it has a lifetime warranty on it. So, if you break it or get into a bad spot with the Besiva Slim Fit, you can ship it back to Besiva for a replacement. Get yours at the link below.

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YOUMaker Crystal Clear Case

We also really like what the YOUMaker Crystal Clear Case has to offer. This is another Clear Case, so it does preserve the original color and design of the Galaxy Note 9 — you won’t be covering it up hardly at all. It is more of a rugged case, which means that you do get military grade protection. It actually comes with a really nice screen protector that comes with it. It has a great design as well, so the YOUMaker Crystal Clear Case is comfortable to hold and provides you with a better grip for less drops.

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Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy Note 9 Case

Next, we’ve got the Spigen Tough Armor case for the Galaxy Note 9. Spigen is a prolific name in the case industry, and their Tough Armor case is probably the best for all-encompassing protection. It’s a pretty thick case, so it isn’t nearly as slim as the rest of the cases on this list, but it will keep your Galaxy Note 9 protected from almost Sdrop or accident. The case itself has raised edges to keep the screen off of the ground, and then there’s a built-in kickstand for easy media viewing. It has dual-layers, so you get the ultimate protection with this case.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal Galaxy Note 9 Case

Next up, take a look at Spigen’s Liquid Crystal case for the Galaxy Note 9. This case is one of the slimmest on the market, and offers phenomenal protection for the Galaxy Note 9. Put your Galaxy Note 9 in this case and you’ll keep it protected from scratches, light drops, and other accidents you come across in life. One of the neat things about this case is that it’s slim enough that it’s able to still be used with wireless charging, whereas some of the thicker cases make it a little less likely. With the case on, your Galaxy Note 9 is still able to be open enough for a screen protector.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy Note 9 Case

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Spigen Neo Hybrid case. This is a cross between Spigen’s Tough Armor and Slim cases, bringing you a slim design that will still offer you great protection. It has a matte finish with a textured pattern, so it takes the slipperiness out of the glass on your Galaxy Note 9. There’re raised edges and lips for better protection of the display and the camera. There’s no kickstand, but you do have dural dual-layer shock protection. At $15, less with a coupon, that makes this case hard to pass up.

Buy it now: Amazon


If you want to keep your Galaxy Note 9 through all of the accidents that life brings, then you’ll certainly want to snag one of these cases. Our favorites are the Spigen Tough Armor and the Spigen Neo Hybrid, particularly because of the all-encompassing protection of the former and the slim fit and good protection of the latter.

Galaxy Note 9 Cases

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