5 Best Fishing Apps in 2019

Fishing is one of the oldest traditions out there. While ancient fishermen used to reel in fish to sell in the marketplace or for self-consumption, it has now turned into a leisure activity over the past few centuries. Technology today has evolved to such an extent that fishing is no longer a luck or gut based hobby. We can now use mobile applications to track multiple metrics, such as surface underneath the water, and even accurately know where the fishes are located in a particular area. This takes out most of the annoyances involved in fishing, thus making it a pleasurable leisure time activity for all.

So if you’re one of those enthusiastic fishing fans, there are a few Android apps that you absolutely need to have in order to get the most out of your experience. Not only will this save the waiting, but also make sure you get the best catch depending on the area you’re in. So let’s have a look at some of these apps out there.

5 Best Fishing Apps

Pro Angler

This app is designed for saltwater fishing enthusiasts and provides all the information you need right on your mobile device. The app provides tide tables and weather forecasts in real time, while also offering solunar charts, allowing you to determine the ideal time to go out fishing. You can also navigate to your favorite fishing hotspot within the app, with over 15,000 locations to choose from. There’s also a list of nearby bait and accessory shops that you can check out if you’re fishing in a new territory.

This app not only helps casual fishing fans, but also pro fishermen and fisherwomen, who usually gather quantities of fish to sell them in the markets. Users can also find all the required federal regulations and other relevant information right from the app, making it easy to get exactly what you need from your fishing experience. The app is a free download, but comes with in-app purchases. There are no ads, however. Making an in-app purchase will enable some advanced features that can enhance your experience a great deal.


This is a comprehensive navigation app that is a must have for all fishers. It provides over 20,000 freshwater and 180 saltwater pathways within the U.S., covering pretty much the entire country. Further, these pathways also have crucial hotspot markers on them, allowing you to ascertain which area is better suited for fishing activities. You can naturally record the catches you’ve made to inform other travelers of the fishing activity in that particular region.

If you’re not comfortable sharing a particular fishing hotspot with the public, you can choose to keep it only visible to you within the app, or even share it with a handful of friends of your picking. While the app is completely free to download, making an in-app purchase can give you more precise markers and GPS coordinates to areas that are known to be carrying fish.

There are ads on board here as well, although an in-app purchase should make that go away. The app appears to be U.S. only and is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and above.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

This app uses detailed technology to offer information on the feeding times and activity of any fish or wildlife around you, which is what most solunar sensors do anyway. Although this theory isn’t confirmed, most fishing experts live by it, so there’s some credence to it. If you find a spot that’s ideal for you, the app lets you save that location so that you can navigate there at a separate time.

You can also view saltwater tide information directly on the app, but that might require an in-app purchase. Given the fact that a lot of fishing apps come with similar features, it’s hard to properly distinguish between them. But the user interface and the presence of some exclusive features give the developers a significant leg up over the competition.

The app is free to download but comes with ads and in-app purchases. It is compatible with a wide range of devices out there.


This is a slightly different app than the ones we’ve mentioned so far, in that it’s more of a social network. You can share your catches or talk about missed chances, with some bragging rights on the table as well. It can help you find the best spots for fishing which mostly have confirmed catches. The idea is to catch more fish than your contemporaries and share your experiences on the platform. The app developer mentions that Fishbrain has over 5 million users already, making it one of the most exciting social network for fishing enthusiasts.

It will also help you get the best out of your fishing by suggesting the best kind of bait depending on what you’re looking to catch (over 130 species logged on the app). It will also recommend you the best times to place your baits in order to maximize your catch. The fishing hotspots map is incredibly useful to narrow down on places. The app is a free download, but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Deeper – Smart Sonar

This app is recommended for those who use Deeper’s fish finding hardware. The app when paired with the hardware gives you real time information on the fish around your vicinity, allowing you to hasten up the process and increase your output. While this hardware seems complicated, it can be used by regular enthusiasts as well. So you don’t need to be an expert to use this smoothly.

The app will also give you information on the topography, fish location, temperature. There’s also the ability to set depth alarms, letting you know that you’re deep enough to secure a catch. If you’re a fishing connoisseur and like to maximize your output, this is the best hardware/software combo you can get. The Smart Sonar app is free to download and is devoid of in-app purchases and ads.