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5 Best Bluetooth Lightbulb Speaker In 2018

Have you ever wondered how you could get an almost true-to-life surround sound experience without placing speakers all over your room? First, not only can a surround sound speaker setup be outrageously expensive, but they can also take up a lot of room in your bedroom or living room. Not only that, but with the amount of speakers you need, they can be difficult to keep track of and adjust for movies, TV shows, and audio experiences. One easy way to combat these problems is by picking up some Bluetooth light bulb speakers. Yes, you read that right: light bulb speakers. Light bulb speakers will not only allow you to adjust the lighting in your room to proper levels, but play your favorite audio experiences out of them as well, giving you that lifelike surround sound style that you’ve always dreamed of. So, what lightbulb speakers do you pick up? Follow along below, and we’ll show you some of the best on the market right now.

Bluetooth Lightbulb Speaker

LUXON Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker

First up on our list is this really neat Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker by Luxon. Not a whole lot of wireless light bulbs, at least on the cheap spectrum, are dimmable, but this one is. That said, they’ll work with almost any style of light switch. Luxon’s light bulbs come with an app, where you can change the color of the bulb (up to 13 colors). Each color is dimmable, and there are actually a ton of different features you can manipulate (flash mode, fixation mode, etc). Connect it up to your smartphone over Bluetooth 3.0 and play your favorite tunes from above, too.

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Kailake LED Wireless Light Bulb Speaker

The Kailake LED Wireless Light Bulb Speaker is another great option. It’s a little more advanced than what the Luxon has to offer, giving you Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy tech to work with. There are 13 color choices, and you can actually setup the colors to flash to the rhythm of whatever music you’re playing over Bluetooth. It comes with a remote controller to control the various functions and features of the bulb, but you can do all that from an app as well.

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Ustellar LED Light Bulb Speaker

The Ustellar LED Light Bulb Speaker is very similar to what Kailake is offering, but it has a few more good ratings. Just like the other bulbs on this list, you can connect up by way of Bluetooth to blast your favorite music over the bulb’s speakers. There are 13 colors modes, which you can choose from by way of the remote or the app. Just like the Kailake, there are neat features like flashing the color lights to the rhythm of the music, which makes it perfect for bar, restaurant or club applications. It might even be a neat addition to the bachelor pad up town.

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Sengled Solo Smart Bulb

Next up, we have the Sengled Solo Smart Bulb. This bulb is almost two times the price of the bulbs we’ve talked about so far, but that’s because it’s loaded with features. This one actually has dual-stereo speakers built into the bulb, which you can connect up to Amazon Alexa (multiple types of the same bulb can be connected to Alexa as well, giving you a true surround sound experience). It’s easy to install and is dimmable. It does come with an app you can download, which will allow you to control color, brightness, and even sound functions. Tell Amazon Alexa to play music, or connect up to the bulb(s) over Bluetooth with your smartphone.

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JahyShow LED RGB Color Bulb

Last, but certainly not least, check out the JahyShow LED RGB Color Bulb. Operating on Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect to it with your smartphone, play your favorite music and jam out to the surround-sound like experience. Through a Bluetooth adapter, you could even hook your TV up to these light bulbs. It comes with its own remote, so you can change colors on the fly, or even through the downloadable app, if you so choose. It’s easy to install, and since it is LED, you should be able to get up to 20,000 hours out of this before needing a replacement.

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Bluetooth Lightbulb speakers are an excellent and cheap way to turn your living room or basement into a truly jamming surround sound experience. Any one of these bulbs will do the trick, but you want some seriously great audio, you can’t pass up the Sengled Solo Smart Bulb.

Bluetooth Lightbulb Speaker

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