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5 Best Android Joystick In 2018

Have you ever tried to play an Android game that takes a lot of finesse and accuracy? Possibly a racing game or a street fighter game? These games are difficult to play by just touch, but there’s hardware available to make your gameplay experience so much smoother. With an Android joystick that can easily connect up to your Android device by way of Bluetooth or through taking advantage of your touchscreen, you can easily increase your skill level and accuracy in some of the classics that take that extra finesse.

Android Joystick

If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best Android joysticks for your smartphone. Here are our favorite picks.

GameSir C2

If you’re looking for the ultimate arcade setup, look no further than the GameSir C2 fight stick setup — this is your classic 8-button + joystick setup for getting your fight on in those classic arcade fight games a la Tekken or even Mortal Kombat. This will work with your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and even Android. It has a micro-USB cable that it comes with to simply plug into your Android phone. Load up your favorite street fighter game, and you’re ready to rock and roll. One of the neat things about this fight stick setup is that it has a customizable face plate — don’t like the art or design it comes with? No problem — you can customize the face plate with your own designs and snap it back on!

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GameSir F1 Grip

If you’re not a big fan of GameSir’s full size fight stick setup, then you might enjoy the lower profile GameSir F1 Grip. The GameSir F1 Grip is essentially a controller that locks onto both sides of your phones. The left controller piece has an attachable joystick that takes advantage of your touchscreen’s touch signals for moving characters around. This gives you a much more accurate movies in not only street fighter games, but also PUBG games likes Fortnite. You can say goodbye to clunky touch movements with the GameSir F1 Grip. Since the joystick is detachable, it can work on either side of the controller based on the side that your hand is most dominant in. The handle grip on the controller itself is really comfortable, making longer gaming sessions easier.

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Daqi Controller With Connected Joystick

The Daqi Controller With Connected Joystick is another excellent option. It’s a little more expensive than the GameSir F1 Grip, but it has better materials to make the controller more comfortable and higher quality. This controller works with Android 4.4 and up, and connects to your phone by way of Bluetooth — this is a full gamepad, so you get four buttons, two analog sticks, a multi-directional pad, and a few other buttons for accessing settings. It comes with a detachable joystick that you can place on the gamepad when you’re playing games that need it, such as in Fortnite or League of Legends-style games.

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inDomit Fling Joystick

If you’re just looking for a quick solution to your joystick problem, then the inDomit Fling Joystick will get you using a joystick on the cheap. This joystick is able to suction to your screen, and then take advantage of your touchscreen’s touch sensor capabilities to provide you more accurate movements than your finger could ever do. This is a neat little tool, as you won’t have to worry about batteries or a Bluetooth connection — just attach it to the smartphone and go. This one will work with Android devices, too.

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ElementalDigital HandGrip

Last, but certainly not least, we have the ElementalDigital HandGrip. If you’re looking for a way to add some massive joysticks to your Android device, look no further than this neat device. This game controller grip system attaches to your smartphone with comfortable grips and large suction-based analog sticks. The suction cups can attach to both sides of your Android device, allowing you to more accurately control movements, as well as side-to-side movements. In that sense, it’s more designed for a first-person shooter, but you can also just remove the right analog stick in the event that you need to do something that only requires one, such as a street fighter or PUBG game.

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Android joysticks can give you much more control over your character, whether you’re racing or fighting a friend in a street fighter game. We find them especially helpful for those PUBG style games where it’s just hard to move around with your finger alone.

Android Joystick

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