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5 Best Android Fitness Watch In 2018

Keeping track of your fitness activities and step counts for the day is nearly impossible without a fitness tracker. These are invaluable tools, showing you just how much you get up and move during the day. On the surface, you might think you’re very active, but a fitness tracker might give you detailed insight into how much you actually move, and they might even encourage you to step it up a notch.

Android Fitness Watch

Follow along below — we’ll show you the best Android fitness watch for not only tracking your steps, but your overall daily activities, including information on weather, temperature, calories burned, and a whole lot more. Here are our top picks.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

First up on our list is the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR. This tracker has a ton packed in it for just $30 — attach this to your wrist and you can monitor data like heart rate, sleep monitoring, step counting, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and even sleep duration. It has a bunch of exercise modes built in it so that you can have an easier time recording things like calories burned during a gym session or hike. There are actually 14 different exercise modes that you can choose from. It has GPS built-in, so you can even record a map of your workout route. The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR even lets you connect up to your Android device for taking calls and messages, as well as sending those out. It comes in up to six different colors, including Blue.

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Tibang Fitness Bluetooth Watch

If you’re looking for something with a more full sized Android fitness watch, the Tibang Fitness Bluetooth Watch might be more up your alley. This Android fitness tracker is the perfect device for all types of fitness activities, as it is waterproof, so it isn’t going to malfunction due to a little perspiration or a dunk in the water. The watch has hardware for watching blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitoring, as well as tracking data on all of your basic activities — whether you’re running, at the gym or going for a walk, the Tibang Fitness Bluetooth Watch will carefully monitor calories burned, distance ran, active minutes, and more. It connects up easily to Android for calls and messages, too.

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IP67 Fitness Tracker Watch

The IP67 Fitness Tracker Watch has a lot of similarities to the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, but has a few notable differences to make other activities more viable with this watch. One of those features is IP67 waterproofing, which will let you go for a quick swim without ever having to take this watch off your wrist. Aside from that, you can still get things like sleep monitoring, heart rate, blood pressure, steps taken, as well as a whole bunch of different exercise modes for better accuracy in calories burned.

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Lintelek Fitness Tracker Watch

You should also consider Lintelek’s Fitness Tracker Watch. Featuring IP67 waterproofing, not only will this watch let you go for a swim, but it can monitor your sleep during the night, Alarm Alerts can quietly wake you up in the morning through vibrations on your wrist, and you get all of the usual fitness functions — there are 14 different sport modes (one more than LETSCOM), built-in GSP to see real-time walking and running data, heart rate monitor, and so much more. On top of that, the Lintelek will let you connect up to Android or iOS for for taking and making calls and messages.

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Willful Fitness Tracker

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Willful Fitness Tracker, an almost full size Android fitness watch. It has a slightly larger screen than the Lintelek, which lets you see more information in one spot. This tracker is able to accurately track steps, distance traveled, calories burned, activity time, with support for specific modes, such as Cycling, Jump Rope, Sit Ups, Treadmill, Jumping Jacks, and so much more. It has a heart rate monitor — helpful for watching your heart rate during morning jog’s — and can track your sleep from the time you hit the pillow until you wake up. It has a built-in alarm that’ll wake you up in the morning, too. Built-in GPS means you can track your jogging routes and watch things like distance traveled.

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There are a lot of great Android fitness watches on the market right now, and over the years, they’ve become insanely affordable. What’s your favorite Android fitness watch? Let us know in the comments section below!

Android Fitness Watch

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