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5 Best Android Charger Cable In 2019

Android charger cables have had one specific problem for a long time: poor construction and design by the manufacturer. People will tell you that all cables are the same, even if they’re super cheap, but they’re really not. Manufacturers can mess up the wiring, mess up the original design spec for these types of cables, and so on. More often than not, this causes cable failure, and can even sometimes brick or short out your smartphone. That in mind, you want to make sure you’re getting a quality Android charger cable. Not sure which ones are good? If you follow along below, we’ll show you high quality cables that will not only keep your phone in working order, but charge them at a decently fast rate, too. Here are our top five picks.

Android Charger Cable

Puridea Android Micro-USB Cable

First up on our list, we have the Puridea Android Micro-USB Cable. Micro-USB might be on its way out, with most new smartphones coming equipped with USB-C; however, micro-USB, for the time being at least, is still the dominant port on many smartphones in use. That said, there’s still huge demand for these types of cables. These ones from Puridea are made out of a typical plastic insulation, but springs are placed over the top of that insulation to increase durability. In the pack, you get five different micro-USB cables that will keep your smartphone safe and charged up.

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Syncwire Micro-USB Cable

Syncwire makes a set of high quality micro-USB cables, too. The wiring and insulation itself is made out of premium material, with the latter more specifically taking on the nylon braid style. These are rather short cables (3.3 feet in length), and you get two of them in a pack. They’re super durable and will work well for most micro-USB devices on the market. And with premium wire material, this cable should be able to handle any Qualcomm Quick Charging that might be supported, too. Syncwire says these are ideal for heavy daily use, as they’ve been tested in QA over 10,000 times in bend exercises.

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Anker Micro-USB Cable

Anker is a prolific brand in the realm of power products — they make phenomenal portable batteries, solar chargers, wall chargers, and more. They also make cables, and they don’t cut corners here either.  These cables are actually really neat, as Anker bids them as “tangle-free” cables, whereas tangling in cheaper products can be a massive issue. They also have that nylon braided insulation to make the cables last longer. And something you don’t normally see on a micro-USB cable: Anker has actually gold plated the tips to reduce heat and corrosion, giving you an overall much longer lasting cable. And since Anker follows design spec, you can expect to get blazing fast data transfers with this cable, too.

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RAMPow USB-C Braided Cable

For that that need USB-C instead of micro-USB, check out the RAMPow USB-C braided cable. As the name implies, it has a nylon braided insulation, which gives you a ton of durability for a long-lasting design. RAMPow follows current USB-C specifications, so you also get good wiring that won’t defect or short out your smartphone. Everything is made out of high quality materials here, so you should be getting a cable that lasts you a long time. It even supports Quick Charge 3.0, so using this with a Quick Charge 3.0-approved wall adapter shouldn’t be a problem either. You should also get fast data transfer speeds with this cable.

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PowerBear Type-C Cable

Last, but certainly not least, we have the PowerBear Type-C Cable. This is a heavy duty USB-C Android charger cable designed for heavy daily use. This cable has a red nylon braided insulation for better cable durability — it helps keep the wires inside in place so that there’s little bending and cracking happening on the wire itself. PowerBear guarantees universal compatibility with all of today’s flagship USB-C smartphones, and even backs that promise with a two-year warranty. There’s no Quick Charge support here, but PowerBear’s cables are USB 3.0-approved, which means you’ll still get decently fast charging capabilities as well as up to 150MB per second data transfer speeds.

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If you go on Amazon or another store yourself, you might find it difficult to weed out the bad from the good with the sheer amount of cables available, but we can assure you, what you find on this list is of the utmost quality. You can’t go wrong with either of these cables, whether you choose micro-USB or USB-C.

Android Charger Cable

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