5 Best USB Headsets in 2019

We see headsets around us at all times. But one area where headsets are used in abundance is gaming. With manufacturers clamping down on 3.5mm headphone jacks and using USB-C (or Lightning in Apple’s case) ports for their smartphones, getting a standard headset is a bit of a tough task now. This is where USB powered headsets come into the equation. While wireless headsets are surely one way to go, battery performance is a major concern here.

USB Headsets

Keeping this in mind, a large number of people rely on wired USB headsets for optimum performance. Several gaming accessories manufacturers like Razer, Hyper, and others have a myriad of USB powered headsets for its audiences. The problem however is that there are simply too many options out there to choose from. Keeping this in mind, we’re going to curate a list of headsets that are highly rated by experts and users alike, ultimately aiding you in making your decision. So let’s have a look.

5 Best USB Headsets

Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2

It goes without saying that Razer is a world renowned name in the wired headsets segment. Known primarily for its gaming oriented accessories, the Kraken 7.1 is no exception. It can be used with any computer or device with a standard USB output, negating the need to require a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Chroma V2 comes with a built-in 7.1 surround sound engine, offering optimum sound which is idea for your gaming sessions. The headset is made of bauxite aluminum which helps in keeping it light and easy to carry around.

The cable is about 6.6 foot long, offering you the liberty to stay quite a distance away from the port without feeling tethered to your device. Naturally, the headset also comes with a microphone, which can be retracted as you please. Using the Razer Synapse tool, you can customize the headphones to the max, allowing you to tailor your listening preferences. The Kraken 7.1 is designed for gaming, but can just as easily be used for any other media.

Amazon is currently selling the Kraken 7.1 for $79.99, which is pretty decent for a headset of this caliber. Be sure to check it out.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

This is yet another advanced headset meant for gaming and other multimedia activities. It comes with a controller, allowing you to control the headset without moving an inch. It is compatible with a wide range of devices, including gaming consoles like the PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and more. The Cloud Revolver S features a 50mm directional driver for optimum sound quality and performance. At 376 grams, the headset isn’t exactly lightweight, but the fact that its foam and frame is made using high quality materials ensures a comfortable fit for the user. The built-in microphone is noise cancellation enabled, so you can enjoy your gaming sessions or Skype calls without worrying about the background noise in your area.

The microphone can be detached as well, allowing you to use this as over-the-ear headphones without any interference from the mic. It’s no surprise that this headset is more expensive than most of the units on this list. Amazon is currently offering the Cloud Revolver S for $149.99.

Mpow 071

We’ve talked about some expensive headphones already, and now it’s time for a budget friendly offering. The Mpow 071 comes with a pretty simple design, which is understandable given the price point. One of the key advantages with this particular headset is that since it doesn’t feature a bulky exterior, it’s easier to carry around. But don’t expect high quality audio performance from this headset for the reason we’ve talked about above.

What makes it truly versatile however is the presence of a 3.5mm headphone jack along with a standard USB jack, giving you the freedom to choose between the two. The ear pads are made using high quality memory foam, allowing maximum comfort during prolonged use. The microphone comes with noise reduction technology to cut down most of the background noise.

These headphones can be snatched up from Amazon for a miserly $21.99, making it the cheapest headset on our list.

HyperX Cloud II

It’s hard to keep brands like HyperX out of any top five list considering the quality of their products. The Cloud II is not as high end as the Cloud Revolver S that we spoke about, but comes with identical features on board for a fraction of the price. You will get 7.1 virtual surround sound here, along with memory foam earpads with additional velour earpads for customized usage. The USB 7.1 surround sound feature is only compatible with computers, however, so if you’re intending to use this with your gaming console, you will only get stereo sound, which isn’t all too bad either.

The microphone is detachable and has noise cancellation enabled, allowing you to remove it and place it back as you please. The headset is available in Red and Gun Metal, offering you enough to choose from. Unlike the other HyperX headset we spoke about, this one’s slightly cheaper and will set you back by $99 on Amazon.

Razer Electra V2

For as long as Razer has been around, we’re used to seeing the company’s iconic design and quality in its products. While the aforementioned Kraken 7.1 is immensely popular in the marketplace, the Electra V2 is equally popular, mostly for its quality and cost effectiveness. Made using a flexible lightweight frame, the headset will not weigh you down through your gaming or media sessions.

As with other offerings on this list, the boom microphone on the Electra V2 is detachable. The company’s proprietary tech offers 7.1 surround sound on compatible devices. The ear cushions are made using high quality materials here, ensuring a comfortable fit even during long gaming sessions. It features 40mm audio drivers, offering a perfect balance of clarity and bass. There are no color variants to choose from, and you’ll have to settle for the company’s iconic green/black shade. The Electra V2 will cost you $55.99 on Amazon.

USB Headsets