5 Best Car Holder Mounts For iPhone 8

There’s no doubt that the iPhone 8 is a great phone. It just launched last fall, and it’s been extremely popular ever since. But one of the accessories that can be hard to find that fit specific phones is a mount to use within your vehicle. Phone mounts for cars are a great way to be able to use GPS apps hands-free, so you can keep your focus on driving and your hands on the wheel at all times. So today, we’re sharing our 5 recommendations of iPhone 8 mounts for your vehicle.

Best Car Holder Mounts for iPhone


This phone holder from Beam is a number 1 bestseller on Amazon, and with good reason. First off, this particular mount goes right into the air vent, rather than being stuck to the dashboard or window by a rubber sticky pad. This is great, because it can be easily removed as necessary without any damage being done to the interior of your vehicle.

This phone mount can rotate 360 degrees, so you can view your texts, calls, or GPS at any angle that’s best for you. It’s also designed to be used single-handedly, so you can easily remove your phone when you’re safely stopped. This item also includes a one year warranty, so if you have any problems, the company would love to help you sort those out.

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iOttie’s vehicle phone mount is another one of the best you can buy. This one is attached to your dashboard by a “dashboard disc,” which has adhesive and is semi-permanent. However, because the mount itself holds to that by a suction cup, you’ll be able to remove the mount when not in use, just not the little dash disc if you plan to continue to use it.

One of the great features with the iOttie mount is the telescopic arm that pivots 225 degrees and extends from 5 inches to 8.3 inches. This is great, so if you mount the the disc a little too far away, you can extend the arm of the mount out to a more reachable distance. This purchase also comes with a one year, hassle-free warranty, which always makes buying an even easier decision.

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Similar to the mount by Beam, this one by Kenu is designed to fit into the air vent of your vehicle, rather than on the dash or window. The phone-holding mechanism itself is adjustable, so whether you have a larger phone or a smaller one, you can adjust it accordingly for the perfect fit.

The neat thing about this one is that it can also easily be converted to a travel stand. So when you’re away on a trip, or even at home, and need a phone stand to watch a video or play a game on, this works for that too. All you need to do is insert a credit card or a card of similar size into the the back of the mount, and it’s ready for you to use.

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This phone mount from Mpow is different from the others on this list, because instead of being a stationary mount for your phone, it’s made of a flexible, rubbery material so you can bend it into whatever shape or angle you need. You’ll also be able to mount this one on either your dashboard or your windshield, so there’s plenty of options to make sure you get it just how you want it.

One of the cool features on this one is the ability for it to turn 360 degrees, so you can view your phone horizontally or vertically. On top of that, it has a single button release, which means you can keep your eyes and your focus on the road at all times.

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Penom’s mount for your iPhone 8 may be last on this list, but it’s certainly not least. It’s another one that has a clip designed to be mounted on your vent, and is similar in design to the one by Beam. This is a really heavy duty mount and has optimal support for any phone, including your iPhone 8.

Another great thing is that this phone also has a single release button, right on the back. Instead of having to fidget with trying to get your iPhone out of the contraption, all you need to do is press the button. This is also fully adjustable, and should fit just about any phone, and rotates an entire 360 degrees. And if for any reason your product has some sort of defect, the company promises to replace that no matter what.

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All of the mounts listed here today are fantastic. From mounts that easily clip in your air vent, to one that stick on to the dash or windshield, there’s certainly something for everybody. If you purchase or own any of the items listed here, be sure to tell us all about your experience with it in the comments section!

Best Car Holder Mounts for iPhone