“Unfortunately, Messaging Has Stopped” Error Message in Galaxy S3

"Unfortunately, Messaging Has Stopped" Error Message in Galaxy S3

We received a new message via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “Hello. My problem started this morning. I do text a lot but much to my surprise, my Samsung Galaxy S3 keeps freezing on every text I attempt to send this morning. Several times, the ‘Unfortunately, messaging has stopped’ error message comes out. I have restarted the phone several times. I took the battery out as well. I went to Settings, Applications Manager, Samsung Keyboard and I cleared data and cache. None of the above made things any better. I still have plenty of memory on my phone as well as on memory card. Please help. I don’t want to go back to factory settings. Thanks.”

How to Eliminate the “Unfortunately, Messaging Has Stopped” Error in Galaxy S3

Restarting plus clearing the cache and data of the Samsung keyboard is a good thing to do but you should also try clearing the cache and then the data of the text messaging app. These should eliminate the “Unfortunately, messaging has stopped” error message of the Galaxy S3 if the issue is confined within the text messaging app alone.

If those solutions don’t work, try to see if there are updates for the text messaging app of your device. Download and install the update especially if it contains bug fixes.

Third-party apps that are eating up too much of your phone’s processing power may cause the “Unfortunately, messaging has stopped” error message of the GS3 too. Start under Safe Mode to see if the problem persists. If the issue no longer occurs there, then, it is definitely a third-party app causing the error message. If that’s the case look for the app eating too much RAM and disable or uninstall it.

When all else fails, perform a Factory Reset. However, if the hard reset fails or the problem still persists under Safe Mode, have the internal hardware of your phone checked by a Smartphone repairman for a possible defect.

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