Tips on Managing the Internal Storage of the Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4

If your Samsung Galaxy S4 is already running low on internal storage memory (ROM), you will no longer be allowed to install new apps and download contents. In addition, you will not be able to save new files. Your messages will not be automatically stored to your phone and storing photos and videos taken from your camera will not be possible anymore. On top of these, some apps will no longer be able to function well and you are likely to experience freezes and frequent crashes with them.

Here are the ways to manage the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy S4 to enable its optimum performance based on the T-Mobile Support page:

1. Monitor the Storage Space Regularly

Monitor the available storage of space of your Samsung Galaxy S4 regularly. See to it that it has at least 150 MB free memory. The Android OS has the tendency to be glitchy or it may crash frequently if the internal storage of the device is less than the figure stated. Follow the steps below to view the free space of your local storage:

a. Tap the Menu button in the Home screen.

b. Go to Settings.

c. Proceed to Storage.

d. Look at the available space under Device Memory.

2. Move Apps and Other Files to the Micro SD Card

Check out this link to our previous article on how to do this.

3. Clear App Cache

This link to another one of our previous articles will show you how.

4. Minimize the Synchronization of Gmail App

Note that this will definitely lessen the accumulation of data in your memory but doing so has the tendency to cause errors in your email app like deleted messages suddenly reappearing and others. But if you still wish to proceed with it, perform these steps:

a. Go to Apps.

b. Select Gmail.

c. Hit the Menu button and choose Settings.

d. Tap your email address.

e. Choose Days of Mail to Sync.

f. Set it to 3 or more depending on your preference.

g. Confirm your action by tapping OK.

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