Sony Finishes SDK With A Final Add-On

Sony just launched their Tablet SDK (Software Development Kit) add-on, which has completed the entirety of their SDK. With this pack, developers will now be able to manipulate some of the special features that are found in Sony tablets. These “special features” include windowed small apps that are found on the Xperia Tablet S. This does include the IR blaster (which is on the Xperia Tablet S as well), which can be used to interface with TVs. Devs that are looking for find documentation and code samples can head on over to the Sony Developer World website.

As you know, Sony has not been seeing any sort of massive success from their Android tablets, but one thing to keep in mind is how developer-friendly Sony has been. There is no doubt that when a company supports developers like this that there will eventually be some sort of interest and success. Although, that may just happen later on down the road as Sony continues to refine and improve the experience with their Xperia devices in general. Although from what I have seen, there has already been a pretty strong developer community surrounding the Xperia Tablet S over on the XDA Developers forums.

If you’re a developer or just someone interested in the tablet SDK, you can head on over to the source link below where you will be able to find a wealth of information.

Are you excited to see Sony completing the tablet SDK? Are you going to take advantage of it?

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source: Sony Developer World
via: Android Central 


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