What does Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary think about the age old argument of Samsung vs Apple

samsung vs appleKevin O’Leary came on CNBC today as a guest contributor and in this segment he talked his thought on Samsung vs Apple in the battle of smartphone market share.

Mr. Wonderful stressed that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have to be much better than the recently released Galaxy S7, and the S7 is clearly in front as far as the functions and technology is concerned.  In his words, “they (Apple) probably don’t have any time to change this, they probably looked at this (the Galaxy S7), and said ‘Oops!’  This thing washes your underwear, it does absolutely everything.”

Check out the videos below for O’Leary’s thoughts on where he thinks the companies are heading and who is winning the battle.

Kevin O’Leary on Samsung vs Apple

Kevin O’Leary on Apple losing innovation and getting beat by Samsung