Samsung launches colorful covers for GS3 and Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S III, both are astounding devices. It has been several months since Galaxy S3 was launched, but the device is still hot and selling in good numbers. Galaxy Note II is relatively a new offering and has been doing better than its predecessor.

Since both the devices are widely sold, there are a lot of protective accessories ranging from colorful covers to screen guards available in the market, but how about something from the company itself? Samsung is offering new accessories and Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III owners looking for a colorful way to protect their device are in luck. Samsung is offering flip covers for the two devices in range of colors. The new flip covers look similar to the white ones which are already available from Samsung, except that users get to choose from a bunch of colors and choose the one which goes along with their style statement.

The protective cover which was available previously wanted you to replace the back cover and they protected only the front side of the device, but the new colorful covers protect the front as well as the back, so no more back plate scratching. I’m sure females out there who carry Galaxy S3 in their handbags would love these covers because they can match their phone with their wardrobe. Samsung is offering colors including titanium gray, marble white, light blue, pink, mint, lime green, and orange. That’s seven different colors to match whatever you are wearing.

The cover offers a folding design and is tailor made for Galaxy S3 and Note 2. The front cover should protect the screen in case of drops and the back will help you keep the phone free from scratches. The covers will also help to keep the phone free of fingerprints and dirt.
Coming to the pricing section, Samsung is selling these covers for $39.99 each, and as said before, you can choose from 7 different colors. If you want to buy multiple colors, you can choose to buy a bundle of four different colors which will cost you $99.99. If four covers are too many for you, Samsung is offering you a bundle of two for just $49.99, which is a better deal than buying a single piece because you’ll be getting two covers for just $10 extra. The price is same for both, the S III and Note II.

If you ask my opinion, the covers are overpriced and we have had better ones from Spigen before, and they have better construction too. If you do a bit of research, you should be able to buy it off the internet for relatively cheaper price as there are tons of third party accessory manufacturers for these popular devices. Also, I don’t understand the concept behind this product because they leave the sides exposed. What are your thought on these covers? Do you think they are value for money? Let us know using the comment form below.

source: Samsung

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