Samsung Galaxy S7 Randomly Stops Playing Music After Software Update Issue & Other Related Problems

A year after its release the #Samsung #Galaxy #S7 is still considered as one of the best smartphones available in the market. The release of the #S8 has even made this device more attractive to consumers since its original selling price will be reduced. This particular model has several outstanding features starting with its 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen, its 4GB RAM, and its dual pixel 12MP camera just to name a few. Although a lot of people are using this phone as a reliable daily driver there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S7 randomly stops playing music after software update issue & other related problems.

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S7 Randomly Stops Playing Music After Software Update

Problem: It seems that after the latest update when playing music through my Wireless speaker by Bluetooth, the music randomly stops playing. I thought it was an issue with google play but the same thing happens with other music playing apps. I turned off all notifications and that worked for a couple of hours now it’s back to stopping every 2-4 songs. I also made sure power saving is not on.

Solution: If this problem occurs for every music playing app that you use then we can eliminate any app related issues that could be causing the problem. Does this happen only when you connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker? If it does then you should try to use a different Bluetooth speaker to eliminate any speaker related issues. In case the problem occurs even if you use different Bluetooth speakers then it’s possible that this is already caused by some form of old software data that has not been completely removed during the software update. You will need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset to fix this problem.

S7 Volume Randomly Changes After Software Update

Problem: Ever since the latest update on my Samsung S7, my media volume will randomly go all the way up or all the way down without me ever touching it. Has anyone else experienced this? It really sucks when I’m listening to my ear buds and it blasts in my ears.

Solution: What you should do first in this case is to check if an app is causing this problem. To do this just start the phone in Safe Mode then observe if the issue occurs in this mode. If it doesn’t occur in this mode then it could be caused by an app you downloaded. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

If the problem occurs even in Safe Mode then it’s possible that this is caused by old software data that has not been completely removed during the software update. If this is the case then you will need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S7 Can’t Detect Mobile Network

Problem: My samsung s7 is not having mobile network, each time I try to search network manually, it says error searching network, I did network reset already, restarted the phone several times, same issue. Can’t make nor receive calls

Related Problem: My samsung 7 , is given me problems. It says that I don’t have a network connection. I can’t make phone calls, I can’t send text. The only good thing is my WiFi is still working, do I can do Facebook, shit like that but everything else is not working right. Can you take me through, step by step how to debug what ever crap I got going on on my phone. Thank you very much

Solution: You should try using a different SIM card in your phone to check if your current SIM is causing the problem. If the phone works with another SIM then you need to contact your carrier regarding this matter.

If the issue still remains even with another SIM card installed then the next step is to check if a glitch in the phone software is causing the problem by doing a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset.

If the above steps fails to fix the problem then I recommend that you have your phone checked at a service center as this could already be a hardware related problem.

S7 Slow To Type After Software Update

Problem: Hey there I recently updated to the new android operating system nougat. I have a Samsung s7 and I type a lot using continuous input and it doesn’t recognise my shapes or frequent words used. It’s become very noticeably clunky and slow to type. I Don’t know what’s going on. Can you help? It makes me want to go back to the software before!!

Solution: Since this problem occured right after a software update what you need to do first is to wipe the cache partition of the phone from the recovery mode. What this does is it erases the temporary system data which could be causing this problem. If this fails to fix the issue then you will have to perform a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset.

S7 Flash Keeps Going Off

Problem: I have the camera flash going off, nearby devices, bluetooth and always on display going on and off on the pull down tap. I have things download all the time but I have auto update turned off. I also have system update coming up on my main page all the time. Help please

Solution: Since your phone is experiencing multiple issues the best thing to do right now is to backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete perform a software update is an update is available.

S7 Can’t Move Apps

Problem: I use to be able to go into the settings and access my apps to move them by tapping on the app to be moved. But somewhere along the line the choice to do that has been removed and the only thing I can do is to clear my cache. What happened to the move button?

Solution: There are some apps that you can move to the microSD card. These apps will have the move button activated. There are also apps that don’t have the move button since they are not designed to run on a microSD card.

S7 Network Error Connection

Problem: We are straight talk. Bought a t mobile galaxy S7 yesterday bought the byop plan for straight talk got it all set up with them but it still says network error connection. The phone says it’s permanently unlocked. I don’t know what to do

Solution: You should try to contact your carrier regarding this matter as the SIM card that you are using might not be active yet. If the SIM is already active and the issue still occurs then try restarting the phone. If the restart fails to work then I recommend that you do a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset.

If the above steps fails to fix the problem then you should have your phone checked at a service center.

S7 Screen Overlay Error

Problem: Galaxy S7 keeps showing ‘Screen overlay detected’ error for every application I want to use.  I have turn off “the capable of showing pop ups, bubbles, and other elements over an active app you’re using” for all of the Apps.  What can I do to solve the problem?

Solution: A screen overlay is a feature wherein an app can display on top of another app. If you have already turned this off from the settings and the issue still occurs then try restarting the phone.

In case the issue still occurs after the restart then find out what app bubble is appearing on the screen. Find this app from the application manager then try to disable it to check if the app is causing the problem.

If the issue persists then you should proceed with wiping the cache partition of the phone from the recovery mode.

One last step to consider is a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset.

S7 Disable Stock Email App

Problem: I recently upgraded to the S7 on March 1st 2017 through AT&T. For the first 6 or 7 weeks everything was great. I would check emails 2 or 3 times a day & the sync settings were set to (use account default) except junk/spam folder were (manual 3 days) because there was so much. Even with my S5 Active I have never had a problem with my email which is setup as POP3 on my S7. My battery would last almost 2 days while also general browsing, occasional shopping,social media, & camera/photo editing being used most. I Received a notification for a software update, so continued as I always have with updates. The next day my battery begin to get extremely hot & at full charge without any use would drop 7-10% within 20or 30 mins. When using it for basic things like calls & texts it would drain immediately. So I contacted Samsung support Googled different discussions about the same topic and they all had some issue with stock email which also would take 2 to 3 minutes to load/sync. By that time my phone would lag when jus try to make a call. I thought I had fixed the issue based on all the information I received from Samsung & android groups but a week later I started having the same problem with email. I changed the sync settings for all folders to manual or every 6 hours & the Force Stop it afterwards. I have decided to quit using that app & downloaded BlueMail. This is were I need help, I cannot figure out how to disable stock email, only option is Force Stop. I was going to remove my Exchange account but a notification says “By removing account from device will delete all account emails, contacts, & other data from device storage”. This email account is also synced to my Samsung account. Should I Set Up the BlueMail then remove account or is there a way to disable the stock email. Also when setting up BlueMail it gives me 2 check boxes to choose Automatic or Prefer ActiveSync, I can check both boxes but wasn’t sure what the difference is & what difference it would make as far as App Performance, Battery Drainage, or affecting whether or not I would have more/less options to personalize other settings? I apologize for sending a “short book” before asking the main questions but not having the phone to long, I am still learning different things about it and thought any additional info may make a difference on what you advise or information you give. Thanks in Advance.

Solution: You won’t be able to disable the stock email app of the phone. The best way to prevent mails from going to your two email apps is to remove any email account on the stock email app and just use the Blue Mail app instead. Make sure to backup your phone data before removing your email account.

In setting up the Blue Mail email when you check on the automatic box the app will try to get the incoming and outgoing server settings that are necessary for your email to work. While this is a great way to easily setup your email it’s best to do this manually if you know your email settings. When you place a checkmark on the Activesync feature this will allow you to choose which folders you would like to sync to your phone.

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