Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Keeps Flickering Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Samsung #Galaxy #S6Edge is one of the three flagship models released by Samsung in 2015. One prominent characteristic of this model is that it has a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display that curves around both edges, hence the term edge on its name. Aside from the display it shares common components as the regular S6 phone. This model however has a much larger 2600mAh battery which is 50mAh more than the S6. Although this is a solid performing device there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S6 Edge screen keeps flickering issue & other related problems.

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S6 Edge Screen Keeps Flickering

Problem: My phone screen keeps glitching like anything i click on whether it’s apps or swiping screens, the screen keeps flickering and coming up at two displays I tried to restart it 5 times but it’s still the same

Solution: Try starting the phone in Safe Mode then check if the issue occurs in this mode. If it doesn’t then it could be caused by an app you downloaded. Find out what app this is and uninstall it. In case the issue still occurs even in Safe Mode then I suggest that you backup your phone data then do a factory reset. This allows you to check if a software glitch is causing the problem.

If the above steps fails to fix the problem then you need to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked as this could already be caused by a faulty hardware component possibly the phone display.

S6 Edge Not Responding After Getting Wet

Problem: so my phone,which is a Galaxy S6 Edge Sank into water, after it got into the water i immediately got it out of water and then just turn the phone off, (Not Power Off),when i tried to turn it on, the phone did not respond (Totally dead), Right now it’s only about 12 hours after the accident, i didn’t try to charge it, because there might be some water left inside,and i also got no rice or silica gel type of stuff.Until now, i only put the Phone in front of my ac to get it to dry,how much days does it takes to turn on again if i only dry it in the first place(wiping too of course), it doesn’t look like the inside/electronic parts got damaged,i think just it got wet,Hope you guys could guide me to keep my phone alive

Solution: Placing the phone in front of the AC might not be enough to remove the moisture inside the phone. You need to place the phone in a bag of rice for 48 hours. The rice can effectively absorb the moisture inside the phone. Once this is done check if the issue still occurs. If it does then the phone is most likely water damaged. The best thing to do right now is to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S6 Edge Turned Off Not Turning Back On

Problem: My s6 edge phone turned off i don’t know why and can’t turn back on by pressing the power button so i connected the charger then red LED light comes on and it was 36% charging, i tried again to turn it on by pressing the power button but it’s only the ” galaxy s6 edge ” appeared on the screen then it keeps restarting. I found that holding the power,home and vol up keys getting me in the recovery mode but when i tried them it’s just the android guy logo with blue screen appeared for only 2 seconds then restart again. I tried the download mode and select ” yes download “, it was taking 24 hours downloading and after that the problem repeats, but this time there is no LED indicator and no signs of charging are found, when i connect the charger the phone keeps restarting with no firmware and even no recovery ( just the blue screen appear for 2 seconds and gone ), and when i disconnect charger the phone comes off immediately… The phone cannot be read on a computer through the cable, and cannot be charge through it too. What i have to do while there is a lot of data on this phone !!!

Solution: The best thing that you need to do right now is to first make sure that the phone has sufficient charge by performing the troubleshooting steps listed below.

  • Clean the charging port of the phone using a can of compressed air. Make sure to remove any dirt or debris stuck in this port.
  • Charge the phone for at least 20 minutes using its wall charger.
  • If the phone does not charge then try using a different charging cord and wall charger. You should also check if the phone can charge from a computer USB port.
  • Restart the phone by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons for at least 10 seconds.

If the above steps fail to fix the problem then you should start the phone in recovery mode then from here do a factory reset. If this doesn’t work then this could already be caused by a hardware component that is failing to work properly. The best thing that you need to do right now is to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S6 Edge Corrupted IMEI

Problem: Hi Droid-guy,I have a S6 edge which has just come out of warranty due to an upgrade on Vodafone. the unit was lent to my mother in law who had it unlocked to any network, it has worked fine for 3 months on 02 P.A.Y.G  but has now developed a fault with an S6 edge startup screen an IMEI number of 350000000000006 and no network access on any network.. Any Help on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated? Regards

Solution: This issue is usually caused when the EFS folder ( this is where the IMEI is stored) becomes corrupt. You should try flashing the phone with its stock firmware file using Odin to fix the problem. Take note that you will lose any data stored in the phone when you flash the device. If the issue persists then you will need to bring the phone to a Samsung center and have it fixed.

S6 Edge Gets Hot Stuck On Boot Screen

Problem: Hi I am working on a Galaxy S6 Edge for a friend of mine. I work in the industry and have taken apart hundreds of those phones but this is something I haven’t seen. The phone gets hot while charging and it only displayed the battery logo on the screen (no % indication.) I removed the back glass and housing to disconnect the battery from the board. There are no signs of liquid damage. After disconnecting and reconnecting the battery the phone boots to the Samsung S6 edge screen but will not go past it. It will not boot into safe mode or recovery mode. The buttons are functional as far as I know. It will soft reset if I hold power and volume down, but it just hangs at the android screen again. I’m hoping you might have some idea, thanks!

Solution: It looks like this is already a hardware related problem possibly caused by a faulty battery or power IC. Try to isolate the battery first by replacing it with a new one. If the issue persists then you should proceed by replacing the power IC.

S6 Edge Not Turning On

Problem: I put my cell phone to charge it was turned off due to non charging. I let it charge until it fully charged and then I tried to turn it on but it didn’t turn on, I even try to troubleshoot the way you guys told in the blog but still it didn’t respond. I tried the volume down key and Power key reboot but it isn’t turning on. Tell me what to do

Solution: If you have already performed the recommended troubleshooting steps for this particular problem then this is most likely caused by a faulty hardware component. The best thing that you can do right now is to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S6 Edge Does Not Charge

Problem: I own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and I am having an issue with charging it. I used many USB cables, phone batteries, and even wall chargers, and I got the same result as follows:

– Phone will not charge from a wall charger

– Phone charges slowly from a PC

– Phone is no longer recognized by my PC, and when I plug it in the USB port, i get the following message: USB Device not recognized

– I am still using Windows 7

– Under Developer Options, I do see that USB configuration is set to ” MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)”

– I have not tried Factory reset since that involves a big hassle to re-install my apps and recover my data.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Solution: If the phone charges from a computer USB port then there’s a possibility that this problem is caused by a faulty charging port. Try cleaning the port using a can of compressed air. If the issue persists then you will need to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

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