2 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S6 Only Charges When Off Issue & Other Related Problems”

  1. Hi I am using my Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge for a year and half now. Unfortunately when I plugged in to charging yesterday it just showed cable charging. I unplugged it and plugged it again but it made sound like charger connected/ disconnected for like 3-4 times and then it stopped charging. After that it is not charging while its turned of but charges only when it is off or in safe mode. I have checked the charger its perfectly fine and moreover its cable charging in safe mode but not charging at all when safe mode is turned off.

  2. Hello i had the S6 for a year and a half. Unfortunately i damaged the charging port as the battery started to drain very quickly the constant charging it with different chargers broke it which has happened to my 3 previous Samsungs. Luckily the wireless chargers i have bought 3 of the Samsung ones as ii di nt want to invest in paying for repair when i want to waii untl my contact ends next April to get the S8 (which i hear has great battery longevity). However my problem is my phone will only charge on any of the wireless chargers when it is switched of!f Unfortunately i have to do this at leat 3 times a day as the battery from drains from 100pc so quick even if i am not using the phone and its on power saving mode! I have tired turning light down putting onn flight mode and closing all apps but if left on the phone and charger both get very very hot and the battery continues to drain even though the device showa as “charging,” Have you can suggestions i could try for this wireless charging issue to get me through the last few months of having the S6 please? I would be really grateful/ Thank you:>)

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