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  1. Hi Lomax,
    What a brilliant comment from you! It worked perfect form me; only step 2 was enough to solve the stuck.
    Regards, Peter

  2. Guys,

    I found a solution for the Galaxy S5 been stuck on the SAMSUNG flashing startup screen. Try connecting phone to Samsung Kies while the phone is stuck on the startup screen and wait a couple minutes. More info below…

    Bit of background information on my problem. My phone was working fine however I wanted to clear all data on the phone so carried out a Factory Reset using the Home+Vol Up+Power button method. After the phone completed factory reset and restarted if got stuck on the second startup screen with the flashing SAMSUNG logo. The screen got quite hot after some time so I removed the battery.

    I tried all the solutions online like Wiping the Cache Partition using Home+Vol Up+Power button method. I also removed the battery and held the Power button for 1 min to try a soft reset. My final attempt was to reinstall Samsung firmware using Odin but the phone would still get stuck on startup.

    Anyway this is what worked for me. I suspect that Step 2 was the solution however I will include Step 1 in case it somehow helped fix the problem (The phone now restarts so I cannot replicate the original problem to retest the solution).

    You will first need to install Samsung Kies onto your laptop/PC first.

    1. Download and installed Android Data Recovery software from Dr Fone. I opened software and plugged phone while *switched off* into laptop using USB cable. The software tried to connect to the phone but failed. The battery level was showing on my phone screen. I then switched on phone while still plugged into laptop. I could hear my Phone disconnect and reconnect to laptop with that bleep sound that it makes when you unplug/plug in a USB device. Once phone was reconnected to laptop I tried to reconnect to the phone using Data Recovery software but it failed again.

    I left the Data Recovery software open on my laptop

    2. I started Samsung Kies while my phone was connected to my laptop and stuck on the SAMSUNG startup screen. Samsung Kies automatically attempted to connect to my phone and at the same time my phone went from the SAMSUMG screen to ‘initializing apps screen’ with progress bar. Once the apps were initialized the phone switched to the setup screen and was good to go!

    I switched phone on and off a couple of time and have removed battery but it now starts every time. I hope this helps others as I was about to give up on a perfectly good phone.

    Please share this solution and help others if it works for you.

  3. Mine is doing the same thing. It started last night. The phone was working fine and it rang when I picked it up to answer screen went black and now all I get is the samsung second logo with the starts all around it, it will not leave this screen.

  4. My Samsung galaxy s5 powers on but won’t boost past the 2nd Samsung loading screen the one that says Samsung. With little sparkles shooting out any suggestions

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