2 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S5 Keeps On Rebooting From Startup Screen Issue & Other Related Problems”

  1. My S5 starts to reboot first and I have restore the phone back to factory setting. I already updated to Android 6.0.1 several weeks ago and it all seems to be fine. After I restore the phone, it starts to act up again. When the phone screen turn off due to time out, then when I press the home key or any keys, the screen would not turn on. The menu and back soft key does light up and I can feel the vibration. Right now, the only thing I can do is to pull the battery and reboot the phone. I also try to send an SMS or call the phone and again the screen would not turn on. Other than that, the phone seems to work fine and it is holding the charge. Please help!

  2. How do I back up my phone data before doing a factory re-set? How will I recover my data after the reset?

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