Samsung Galaxy S5 Isn’t Reading MicroSD Cards Issue & Other Related Problems

When your #Samsung #Galaxy #S5 runs out of storage space the best way to increase this further is by adding a microSD card. This model for instance has a base storage capacity of either 16 or 32GB. By adding a microSD card of up to 128GB you will then be able to store more videos, photos, music, and other files on the device. Although it’s easy to add a microSD card as you simply have to insert it in its slot there are times when certain issues can arise which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S5 isn’t reading microSD cards issue & other related problems.

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S5 Isn’t Reading MicroSD Cards

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t read my Micro SD cards. I have an 8GB and two 16GBs. I just got one yesterday and it’s the same thing. When I go to settings it says Corrupted. So the phone isn’t reading or acknowledging the Micro SD Cards. Inserting it into an SD Card for the PC fix did not work so I know it is the phone. Help please?

Solution: Have you tried formatting the microSD cards using your computer? If not then try to do it now using the FAT32 file system. Once this is done remove the card from the computer then insert it in your phone. If the card is still detected as corrupt then try cleaning the microSD card slot using a can of compressed air. Make sure that any dirt or debris that might be present in the slot is removed.

If the phone still doesn’t detect your microSD card then backup your phone data and do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete check if the issue still occurs. If it does then you should have this checked at a service center.

S5 Not Recognizing microSD Card

Problem: I just bought a Samsung EVO 64GB micro SD card for my Samsung Galaxy S5. After inserting the microSD card into my Galaxy S5, my Galaxy S5 does not recognize the presence of the Samsung EVO 64GB micro SD card.  I have followed your suggestions and troubleshooting guides to no avail. The SD card is not recognized either when tried it on my computer using a card reader. Is there something else I can do, short of returning/discarding the SD card?  Any diagnostic software I can try? I would appreciate your response.

Solution: If the card is not recognized by both your phone and your computer then chances are it is defective. I recommend that you return this and have it replaced with a new one.

You can however try some troubleshooting first before returning the card by following the steps listed below.

  • Try using a different card reader when connecting the microSD card to your computer
  • Try inserting the card to a different computer to check if it can be read.
  • Check the metal contact of the microSD card and make sure that it is clean. If needed, clean the metal contacts using a pencil eraser.

S5 Keeps Corrupting microSD Cards

Problem: So, my s5 has now corrupted 3 different samsung 32gb microSD cards. On the last one I did a factory reset before using it. Each time the memory card works fine for a few months and then suddenly my phone says the memory card is corrupted. I have tried recovering it using a pc with no success. My photos and videos are backed up but this is getting really annoying and I don’t want to keep buying SD cards. The problem seemed to start after the marshmallow update.

Solution: Generally speaking, microSD cards are built to safely protect the data stored in it. There are however cases when the data becomes corrupt which can be caused by numerous causes.

  • Turning off the phone when data is still being written to it.
  • Removing the card when data is being written to it.
  • The card gets too full of data.

Since you have already tried 3 different microSD cards then the problem could be caused by a glitch in the phone software. The quickest way to troubleshoot this is to backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete then try checking again if the issue still occurs.

S5 Recovering Lost Photos

Problem: Hello I bought a sd card from ebay a few months ago and when i transferred the photos from my phone it didn’t work properly and some of my photos/videos wouldnt work. Now they have all completely disappeared. They are all my travel photos please say they can be recovered!!!!!

Solution: The best way to retrieve your photos is to connect the phone to a computer then use a software such as Recuva to recover the data that has been corrupted. Take note that this is not guaranteed to work all of the time.

S5 Unable To Transfer Data To microSD Card

Problem: Hi droidguys, I am usually able to fix my phone myself but this time I am not sure whats going on. I have S5 mini and used to run it with 2gb sd card. Now I have got 64Gb which is the max size I can fit in. After putting card in phone immediately recognizes the card and show its size in settings BUT I am unable to transfer any data on it neither access any photos, songs that are on the card. Computer recognizes and is able to upload, download files from the card. Any idea what might be wrong? Its brand new 64Gb Class 10 original Kingston card.

Solution: Can you try checking if the same issue occurs when another microSD card is inserted in your phone. This is to check if the problem lies with the phone or with the card that you are using.

If you have determined that the problem is caused by the phone then you should consider doing a factory reset as this might be caused by a software glitch.

If the issue is caused by the microSD card then you can format this card using your computer then check it again on your phone. Make sure to have a backup copy of the contents of the card before formatting it.

You can also get a new microSD card and just replace the one you are currently using.

S5 microSD Card Adoptable Storage

Problem: Have just changed by 128gb sd card to adoptive storage, so everything is showing as internal storage. I haven’t a problem as such, but have just changed option for software updates for phone from automatic to manual as i’m wondering if updating the phone’s software will affect the adoptive storage. Can you help? Have you had anyone or experience of there being problems. Thanks for any help you can give

Solution: While Samsung has not supported the adoptable storage solution of Marshmallow on their Galaxy devices there is still a way to get this feature. Once you have this feature in the phone it should stay this way even if you have updated your phone software ( most of the updates that you will be getting are security patches and not a major software update if your phone is already running on Marshmallow).

Just to be on the safe side you should make it a point to regularly backup your phone data so that in case the adoptive storage feature gets disabled when the software updates you won’t lose your phone data.

S5 Not Recognizing 128GB microSD Card

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. I had a 16gb sd card for the longest and decided I needed more room, so I got a 128gb sd card. When I put the new card in, the phone does not recognize that there is a card inserted at all. I’ve removed and replaced, rebooted, all be a factory reset. Can you help?

Solution: You will need to check if the card that you got is indeed working by having your computer read it. If it can’t be read then replace it with a new one. If it can be read then I recommend that you format it using the FAT32 file system then insert it back to your phone.

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