Samsung Galaxy S4 Stuck in Boot Loop

Galaxy S4 stuck in boot loop

The Samsung Galaxy S4 stuck in boot loop problem is definitely one of the most common issues plaguing a number of S4 users. In fact, this problem is not only limited to the Galaxy S4 but to other Android devices as well. So, let us revisit this issue and discuss additional ways to fix it.

Quick Recap

Our previous article about the Galaxy Note 2 stuck in boot loop problem mentioned that the factor possibly triggering the issue might be conflicting system files or corrupt apps. In that post, we have discussed solutions that involved performing a factory reset, wiping the cache partition and wiping the dalvik cache.

While the remedies mentioned in the earlier article also applies to a Galaxy S4 stuck in boot loop, one of our readers, Ron Curtis, revealed another solution that should be performed before obliterating all your precious files through factory reset or wiping its cache.

Other Possible Cause of the Galaxy S4 Stuck in Boot Loop Problem Plus Solutions

According to Ron, when he started experiencing the Galaxy S4 stuck in boot loop issue, he brought his device to his carrier, AT&T. The initial diagnoses of his carrier were it must have something to do with the battery or it might have been a result of dropping the phone.

Later on, he discovered that whenever he removed his MicroSD card, his Smartphone would boot up properly. As a result, he bought a new MicroSD card which fixed the problem.

When we researched this issue in various online forums, most notably XDA Developers, we found out that a lot of users have fixed their Galaxy S4 stuck in boot loop problems the same way.

It should be noted as well that a number of them arrived at a remedy without replacing their MicroSD cards. All they had to do was format their external storage using their computer into FAT32 file system.

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  1. What the heck dude, this article saved my day. I just bought a Galaxy S4 and was facing the exact same problems mentioned. Had factory reset twice before and the problems persisted. I was wondering about the battery, but it seemed ok physically. Then I came here and read about SD Cards issues and tried to remove mine and BAM! Problem solved! I was about to take the cellphone to the store and get my money back, so THANK YOU! 😀

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