4 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S4 Randomly Shuts Down Issue & Other Related Problems”

  1. I went back to the T-mobile store that installed a memory card when my phone calls were ended by the phone…it just shuts down and then you have to turn it back on…recently the guy at the store said he went into settings and really all he did was turn on wifi but that also did not work…the card is causing the problem and I don’t like to waste $25.00…is there an easy fix or is it just a bad card?

  2. I have just used my Samsung S4 and when i looked at the time about 5 minutes ago my phone was blank .Because the phone is old and needed a battery I decided to get a brand new one which worked perfectly and also updated the software .

    please assist

  3. HI my phone has been doing the same thing it randomly turning off but when i go to turn back on it only goes to the verison screen and cuts off i tried taking the battery off and holding the power button but it still does it any other suggestions?

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