Samsung Galaxy S3 “Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped” Error Message

Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped

A new message came in Mailbag about the Samsung Galaxy S3 “Unfortunately contacts has stopped” error. The email reads, “My Samsung Galaxy S3 is running on Android 4.3. Since I updated it, I can no longer add anyone to my group contacts. When I try to, an error message comes up that says ‘unfortunately contacts has stopped’. The groups that I previously created are all there I just can’t add anyone to them.”

Possible Solutions to the “Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped” Error

Here are some solutions that might fix the problem according to the AndroidCentral forum:

1. Clear Cache and Data

Try clearing the temporary storage area of your Contacts using these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Proceed to Application Manager
  • Select the All tab
  • Choose Contacts
  • Tap Clear Cache

Selecting Clear Data is optional since this will erase all the changes that you have made to some of your Phone app’s settings but it may solve the problem based on some users who have tried it.

  • Go back to the previous menu and choose Phone
  • Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data

2. Change Date Format

Why this worked for many users experiencing the “Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped” message beats me, but it might be worth a try since you’ve got nothing to lose anyway with this solution. Simply follow the steps below to change the date format to 24 hours:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select More
  • Under Date and Time, change the format to 24 hours

3. Delete Rogue Apps

Start your phone under Safe Mode, observe if the problem occurs. If not, there is probably a third-party app causing the bug. Exit Safe Mode and try to recall the most recent app that you have installed prior to the problem. Disable it for a while to test whether the error still comes out.

4. Factory Reset

If you are having trouble locating the problematic third-party app or if you have already tried every possible solutions without success, that’s the time for you to consider performing a Factory Reset. This will remove all the corrupted or altered system files that are likely triggering the glitches in your device. However, these will wipe out all the other data stored in your device, so be sure to backup first.

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Source: AndroidCentral Forum

7 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S3 “Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped” Error Message”

  1. Thanks bro thanks… that worked for meee 😀

    Go to Settings

    Proceed to Application Manager

    Select the All tab

    Choose Contacts

    Tap Clear Cache

    Disable and re-enable the contacts

  2. Finally fixed it all you have to do is change date format to 2014/12/31 ! And bang it works yeii

  3. Contacts not working solution does not work. Samsung say factory reset but others that do this just have the same problem again. Until the last android update I loved this phone and would have stuck with Samsung but since jumping from an iphone then to s3 then to this now unrecognisable peice of junk, I mean its just not the same phone as I first got so think another jump is in order – htc here I come.

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