Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Won’t Send or Receive MMS

galaxy s3 mini

There are some Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini users who complain about not being able to send or receive MMS. This particular Galaxy S3 Mini problem may stem out from issues like poor network reception, system glitch or another app interfering with the normal function of the device.

Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Mini MMS Problem

Here are the solutions that you can apply to your Galaxy S3 Mini MMS problem:

1. Check Network

Before ruling out anything, try to check first if your area has sufficient network coverage. It should be free from interference and your signal bar should show at least an average strength. Upon verifying that there is no problem with your network, proceed to the next step.

2. Restart the Galaxy S3 Mini

We always advise users to restart their devices when experiencing problems because this method usually solves a lot of issues. Turning off and on the device regularly will help refresh the system of the smartphone from time to time which helps eliminate a lot of glitches.

3. Toggle the Airplane Mode

Try also entering the Airplane Mode of your Galaxy S3 Mini. Then, put it back again into its normal mode. Many communication problems of smartphones are solved this way. Somehow, this process helps refresh the phone too.

4. Exit Power Save Mode

According to a tip provided by one contributor in the Android Central Website, this particular problem is usually triggered by entering the Power Save Mode of the phone. So, if you happened to be under this mode, exit it and put your phone on its regular mode. We would like to add that many users who were experiencing this were able to solve the problem using this procedure.

5. Remove Suspicious Apps

Some third-party apps have the tendency to disrupt the normal functions of the Galaxy S3 Mini native apps. You can confirm this by operating under Safe Mode for a while and by testing your MMS from there.

6. Perform Factory Reset

If any of the solutions above fail to solve the problem, then that’s the time for you to consider performing a Factory Reset. This will put your Galaxy S3 Mini into its original factory settings and remove any unwanted effects brought about by third-party apps. Be reminded to backup all the important data stored in your phone first before doing this so you will not lose them.

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