2 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Battery Needs To Be Taken Out To Turn On Phone Issue & Other Related Problems”

  1. Same power up issue as reported by several note 4 customers. Wakelock works great and has been my work around. HOWEVER… in order for wakelock to be effective; 1) phone must remain charged greater than max min 5%; 2) never power off the phone. I follow those rules and have been good. Unfortunately, a recent update got pushed to my phone and I was unable to prevent the automatic power reset triggered by the update. Thus now my phone is stuck in the off mode( won’t turn back on again). I’ve tried all the standard things. What I see new here is the reference to the power IC being faulty ( possibly the watchdog?). Anyway, here are a couple things i noticed. IF, i remove the battery and connect my phone to my laptop through usb the com port is recognized which means the processor is at least running. But as soon as i put the battery in the com port disconnects. This is repeatable. Thoughts?

  2. With the last phone update my note 4 lost phone numbers and mixed up phone numbers. I know it sounds crazy, but one of my contacts is in another contact and then her contact is compromised by another person I deleted. The phone is not fast charging at all, stayed at a hotel and it took over 8 hours to get it charged to a 62%. I plugged it in all night, started at 13% and only got up to 62%. I think charger port is damaged. This is my second note, first was damaged and I applied to insurance to get this second, battery life is bad on this one, I can not get through one day without charging. I have to carry a battery pack. I ordered a replacement battery to no avail. I love my note 4, hate to give it up. Any suggestions.

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