Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers [Part 4]

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-NeoThis is the fourth part of our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems series and there’s more to come as the number of Note 3 owners who emailed us was doubled since I published the first 3 parts. But no worries, I will continue to find solutions to those problems and maybe next week, I will respond to emails we received, at least, I’ll do my best.

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Note 3 keyboard stopped

Problem: Hi, I just bought a Samsung Note 3 on February 2014, it was fine till I installed the update. After the update, it keep popped up “Unfortunately, Samsung Keyboard has stopped”.

I cannot send message and anything that do with typing the words by using the keyboard. Can you please help me? Thank you so much.Leow

Answer: There could be some compatibility issues with the stock Samsung keyboard and the new Android version. First off, try clearing the cache and data of Samsung keyboard from the Application Manager. If that doesn’t work, clear the cache partition by booting to the recovery mode. If the problem still persists, no other option but to do a master or factory reset. I know it may sound a little inappropriate but some data files may have been corrupt during the update or are not compatible with the new OS. A phone as new as yours, it’s worth a try.

Note 3 failure to transfer/move files

Problem: Hi hope you can help me on this one. I discover today that my Note 3 is unable to move files from phone memory to SD card and vice versa, using (or going to) ‘my files’. I try to reboot it and search the web to find solutions but unfortunately nothing come in hand. Hope you find a way to fix this. Thanks in advance.Richard

Answer: The functionality to move or transfer apps from the phone’s internal storage to microSD card has long been enabled, so you should be able to do it provided you have an updated Note 3. However, there are apps that cannot be moved especially default apps or the ones that were already installed on the phone when you bought it. These apps are part of the Android core and may need to run during boot up, since the microSD card will be loaded a little later, these apps can’t be installed on it to prevent complications during boot up.

Another reason why you can’t transfer them to an external storage is when your microSD card is defective or has some problems. If the phone can’t detect the SD card, the ‘Move to SD card’ button may be disabled or can’t be found at all. The goes for write-protected SD card. What you need to do is check for the latest updates first, then check the status of your SD card and find out whether or not the app you’re trying to transfer comes with the device.

Note 3 duplicate numbers

Problem: Hi, I think this is a wonderful idea helping others with their phones.  Keep up the good work:) I’m so surprise to know  there are so any problems the other Note 3 users are having.

I think mine isn’t as significant as any I’ve read but I’m very frustrated now with my only problem with my Note 3. I had it since November. The duplication or up to 7 repeats of one number.  So you can imagine a contact with 3 numbers. “Worries.” Lolol

I’ve tried the menu options to the phone settings.  I have my contacts customised. Still too many unnecessary numbers. Hope you can help me clear this annoying problem up. Thanks in advance.Andrea

Answer: The Note 3 is one of the best smartphones available in the market today and it’s pretty popular so it is expected more people would be reporting issues about the phone. Other smartphones also have their share of problems and many of those are the same as the ones Note 3 owners encountered.

About your problem, well, duplicate contacts issues are among the most common problems in Android world especially that the phone is usually synced to more than one source. But don’t worry, developers already thought of it and it can easily be fixed, although you would need a little bit of patience. What you need to do is merge those contacts to one. Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Contacts app from your phone.
  2. Choose the contact that appears more than once.
  3. Once the contact is already selected, tap the Menu key.
  4. Tap Join Contacts.
  5. Choose contacts you want to merge.
  6. Confirm your action and you’re good to go.

That’s how you remedy the duplicate contacts problem with the Note 3.

Note 3 corrupted microSD card

Problem: To whom it may concern, I have problem reading my mircoSD card on both my mobile Note 3 and my computer.  It suddenly said the card is blank or unsupported files in it. May I know what actually happen? Is there anyway to retrieve my photo on this card again? Appreciate your help and reply soonest. Best regards, Tristan.

Answer: The quick answer I could give is that your microSD card is defective that’s why your phone and computer cannot read from it. However, if your computer can still read from it and that it shows nothing when you try to open it, it could have been reformatted. There are pretty advance applications that could retrieve deleted data from any storage device but I’m afraid we don’t have access to those applications. What your computer or phone sees is what it is, if there are no photos in it, there’s no way you could retrieve them.

Note 3 incompatible charger

Problem: My name is Darryl and I have a problem with my Galaxy Note 3. The problem is when I try charging my phone it says incompatible charger. I’m using the charger that came with the phone. I’ve had the phone for three months now and I bought the phone brand new. If you could help I would appreciate it.Darryl

Answer: The charger may have some defects or totally defective. However, if this problem started to happen after you updated your phone, it could be just some corrupt data that’s causing it. You need to clear the cache partition if this happens. However, if the phone says the charger is not compatible and it refuses to charge, the charging unit is defective. You need to have it replaced or you have to buy one. The workaround is, charge your phone with your computer.

Quit Walking Mate on Note 3

Question: Is there any way to exit the app. It’s constantly running in the background. I’ve met my goal but there is no way to actually exit the app without uninstalling.

Answer: The app is part of the S Health package in your Note 3. You can always go to Application Manager and force close S Health from there. Have you tried this already?

Note 3 dictionary problem

Problem: Hey there! I really appreciate your posts on the matter thus far and I have my own issue that I hope doesn’t stump you. In my Note 2, whenever I would be entering a new word – a name, email address, etc – I would type out the word, hit the arrow, and the word would be saved in the dictionary and would be suggested in typing/swyping. Now my Note 3 does not do this. I feel like I know my device so I’m pretty sure all of the appropriate settings are turned on. I went to a local Samsung media outlet and they could not help me after an hour of playing around with it. Everything else in my Samsung is working as it should, and I’ll agree that this isn’t a major issue. But if you could help me out, which I hope you can, it’ll save me a considerable amount of time on a daily basis. Thank you. All the best. Look forward to reading your posts.Daniel

Answer: If I were the technician, I may also require more time playing around with your phone to know what the problem is. If only I knew what caused this, I may be able to help  you solve it. So far, there weren’t any glitches or problems with Samsung keyboard that I know of. I’m not sure if it was working fine when you first used the phone or it was already like that out of the box. I assume you already know you only have to enter a word one time and when that word has already been added to the dictionary, you won’t be prompted to enter it the next time you use it. Instead, you will be given options what word to enter if predictive text was enabled. Yes, it’s not really a big issue but you could save a lot of time tapping the word instead of typing it letter by letter. But rest assured I will look into it further.

Note 3 Wi-Fi keeps dropping

Problem: Ever since the first galaxy I have loved Samsung phones and it continues with my Note 3 but it’s giving me trouble and I can’t figure it out. I’m not sure when it started or if it has always happened but my Wi-Fi constantly drops, connects, then drops again. It states that the quality is too low even if it’s showing full bars and a 3rd party analyzer is saying it’s strong.  This happens on just about every Wi-Fi I’ve connected to.  Eventually it works itself out and will stay connected for a while but it’s so frustrating….help. Thanks.Scott

Answer: It’s important for us to know if this problem already existed out of the box or if it started to manifest after months of use. If the phone was already like this ever since, there could be some hardware problem that we can’t do about except bringing it back to the store and have it replaced. However, if it started some time after you bought it, some settings may have just been messed up. But here are the things you could try:

  1. Disable Power Saving Mode.
  2. Disable Wi-Fi Power Saving Mode.
  3. Go to Advanced Wi-Fi settings and enable ‘Always’ connect to network during sleep.
  4. Make sure your network doesn’t have problems. Unplug your router for a minute to reboot it.

Note 3 service problems

Problem: My service is horrible. I have been a [name of service provider altered to protect the company’s reputation] customer for years. My Note 3 does not work in half the places any of my other phones did. I routinely miss phone call and will get tons of texts at one time because it didn’t have service and I didn’t know it. I will get failures to send texts because it says I don’t have service. Some of this is occurring in urban city areas and rural it doesn’t matter. The phone signal is the worst I have ever had. They have sent me a new phone and new SIM card. Whenever I call to complain they just keep telling me no we don’t have any other issues from others about this. Might as well give me a 1990’s flip phone at least it worked. Thanks.Matt

Answer: If there’s one thing I learned from being technical support representative is that you can’t tell the customer there is an internal problem especially when there’s a possibility that the customer will find another service provider. Okay, so they replaced your Note 3 with a new one and sent you a new SIM card to go with the new phone but the problem is still there. So, let’s try to put it that it’s just a coincidence that the two Note 3 phones given to you have exact same problem. At least, give them the benefit of the doubt and ask for another replacement because the first two phones have problems. If the third phone would have the same issues, would you think it’s just another coincidence?

There’s no way for us to know what the problem really is. As for me, it’s not a phone problem and it wasn’t clearly not a coincidence. But if you’re using 4G as of the moment, try to use 3G and see if you’ll get better service. If you do, then the problem is with the 4G network. But if you’re still getting the same lame service, ask for yet another replacement. I know the hassle on your part and I’m sorry but you need to go through it if that’s what it takes for them to act on your problem.

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  1. Hy i have a npte 3 neo i will not connect handfree bit i have power on the mble.phne this is show the option ear phone connected plz plz.plz.reply me what is solution

  2. Hy I am M.Bilal Rehmani I have a Note3 neo and I can’t know how to I type a large massage above than 500 words plez tell me plez

  3. Another resolution for SD CARD ISSUE is to turn off the developers options after that you can move/copy files to sd card..worked for me on note3

  4. I recently Purchased Samsung Galaxy note 3 neo but i am not able to send any SMS but i receive SMS . Please help me

  5. NOTE 3 SERVICE PROBLEMS, I have the same issue as this person does.. I am on my forth phone with Verizon and they just keep telling me that is the area… hum funny my daughter has the Galaxy S4 and gets service just fine. I have even found this to be a problem on the forum on the Verizon website, they still insist that they don’t have this problem. Its a service provider issue,

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