Noontec ZORO II Wireless Volcanic Rock Limited Edition Bluetooth Headphone Review

Founded in Australia in 2002 with a dedication to providing customers with high-quality audio and video products, Noontec has steadily emerged as one of the most recognized fashion-oriented audio manufacturers on the market. Their products are renowned for their attractive value and unique design.

Noontec ZORO II Wireless Volcanic Rock Limited Edition LinkPrice on
NoontecNoontec ZORO II Wireless Volcanic Rock Limited Editioncheck price

The Noontec ZORO II headphones have been nominated as one of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones several times, ever since they were first released. The original version aimed to be the ultimate accessory for anyone from fitness fanatics to busy college students and office workers.

Now, in 2016, Noontec has come up with a new, limited version of the headphones: ZORO II Wireless Volcanic Rock Limited Edition. Its sleek, matte black exterior targets businessmen who need a discreet yet elegant pair of headphones with foldable construction for easy carry and stellar sound quality. The company plans to offer only 300 pieces, so continue reading to find out whether you want to be one of the few people to own this appealing pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Design and Build

Just like the original version of the ZORO II wireless headphones, Noontec used a combination of ABS, PC, and nylon to construct a durable outer shell and headband. All highly stressed parts are reinforced with aluminum and stainless steel for extra ruggedness.

The robust construction plays an important role in how well-built the foldable and portable design of the headphones feels. The metal hinges are snappy, precise, and have virtually no give or play in any direction. When folded, the headphones take only about half as much space as they do in their extended configuration. They neatly fit into the provided carbon fiber portable carrying case, which is available only with the Volcanic Rock edition.

The new Noontec ZORO II Volcanic Rock are comfortable and highly adjustable. The arm extensions travel far enough to adjust the size of the headband to fit your head, and the earpads feature a pleather over memory foam. We have found the clamping force and the softness of the earpads to be nearly perfect. People with very large heads might find the ZORO II a little bit too tight, though, so that’s something to keep in mind.

When it comes to wireless control features, the headphones tick all the usual checkmarks. The earcups house a power switch, volume controls, music playback controls, phone controls, and a handy battery check feature, which tells you how much juice you have left. But with ZORO’s long playback time of more than 35 hours, you probably won’t use it too often.

Even if you happen to run out of battery power right in the middle of your favorite song, all you have to do is plug in the provided 3.5mm jack and turn the otherwise wireless headphones into a regular wired pair. The cable the Noontec ZORO II Volcanic Rock is flat and easy to untangle. Its core is made from oxygen-free copper, which is a group of wrought high conductivity copper alloys that have been electrolytically refined to reduce the level of oxygen to .001% or below, resulting in a superior sound quality and electronic noise reduction.

Sound Quality

Wireless headphones are hugely influenced by the transmission technology they use. The ZORO II Volcanic Rock edition integrates several of the latest wireless transmission technologies, including Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and Apt-X.

The combination of Bluetooth 4.0 with Apt-X, a family of proprietary audio codec compression algorithms capable of providing high-quality coding at 4:1 compression ratios for professional audio broadcast applications and high-definition audio up to 96 kHz sampling rates and sample resolutions up to 24 bits, makes it impossible to tell any difference when compared to regular wired headphones.

If you happen to own a smartphone with NFC (Near Field Communication) support, you can just place it near the headphones and the two devices will automatically pair with each other, making the often annoying pairing process completely painless. What’s more, the headphones can remember up to 8 devices and connect to 2 devices at the same time. You could for example, seamlessly switch from your laptop to your smartphone whenever you get a phone call.

Inside is Noontec’s exclusive SCCB (Surround Closed Cavity Body) technology for improved sound clarity and more realistic sound representation. It works in conjunction with the newest Votrik HD400 drivers, creating a natural, highly enjoyable sound that’s both fun and detailed at the same time.

Listening to the first minute of Bulletproof from La Roux instantly revealed the clarity of the ZORO II Volcanic Rock wireless headphones, allowing us to fully appreciate the deep bass and laid-back upper-treble. The combination of the two makes for a relaxing, non-fatiguing listening experience that convincingly presents the music the way it was recorded and mastered.

Like this wasn’t already enough to make the ZORO II Volcanic Rock a highly recommendable device, the headphones also come with a high-fidelity microphone for hands-free phone conversations. The microphone does a great job of surprising unwanted background noise, capturing your voice loud and clear.


  • Pairing with up to 8 devices. NFC supported.
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Comfortable and well built
  • Stunning design
  • Support for wired and wireless listening
  • Long battery life (35 hours)
  • Foldable for easy storage and carry
  • Retails for $159.99


  • Only 300 units available for the limited edition Volcanic Rock color


If you like the new design and are fine with paying a few extra dollars to own a very exclusive electronic device that borders on being a collectors’ item, the new Noontec Zoro II Volcanic Rock headphones are a must-have item. Given the tremendous popularity and success of the original version, we predict that these be available for too long.

Noontec ZORO II Wireless Volcanic Rock Limited Edition LinkPrice on
NoontecNoontec ZORO II Wireless Volcanic Rock Limited Editioncheck price

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  1. Seems Like some Well Made headphones! I like that you do have the wired option too! That’s always better in my book!

  2. One can never have too many pairs of headphones. I particular like that these can be used wired and wirelessly.

  3. I have 2 pair of “High end” phones that have fallen apart in the last 3 months. I could really use these.

  4. I would love to try these! I can’t hear anything over hubby and kids, so these would be soooo nice!

  5. Seems Even though they say it is a con the volcanic detailing I really like one these. But as a disabled Veteran on a fixed income I can only hope that there is two sets available when I have the funds to pay for a set for my wife and my self.

  6. I love this more than a lot of other features it has: Pairing with up to 8 devices
    Because the Desktop PC, the 2 Phones, the laptop and sharing with someone else and not needing to delete a previous device to add one.

  7. Love the matte design. Sleek, sophisticated, ahead of the curve, would love to unbox and experience the audio quality.

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