Kindle Reading App Review – Turn Your Android Device or PC into eBook Reader

Contrary to the worst fears of traditional book publishers, Amazon hasn’t destroyed the book publishing industry—the company has, instead, revolutionized it and enabled everyone to turn their Android devices or PCs into capable eBook readers. All you need is the official Kindle app, and you will instantly have millions of works of fiction and non-fiction at your fingertips.

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Enter the Jungle

There are many apps for reading eBooks available on virtually all platforms and operating systems. Some are simple and lightweight, others focus on a specific eBook format. But no other app gives you the access to the largest online bookstore in existence. According to writer Claude Nougat, the total number of books on Amazon is nearing 5 million, with one new book being published roughly every five minutes.

On top of that, Amazon did a wonderful job integrating all their products and services with one another, creating a seamless user experience from start to finish. If you own multiple devices, your reading and purchase history is automatically synchronized so that you can continue reading exactly from where you left off.

And if you ever get tired of the endless number of books available on Amazon, you can use the Send to Kindle feature to send any JPG, DOC, RTF, and PDF file to your Amazon cloud account and access them from your other devices.

Kindle Reading Experience

When you first open the app, you are presented with a selection of samples from best-selling authors. Downloading and opening a book sample is as simple as clicking on it. You can also long-press on any book to access additional options, including the ability to jump to any location, remove the book from your device, or add it to your Goodreads account.

The Kindle app has a handful of handy features which greatly elevate the overall reading experience. You can select any word to bring up a built-in dictionary or look it up on Wikipedia. You can also highlight and save entire sentences and make notes and bookmarks.

If you don’t like the default font style or size, the Kindle app provides you with a customization menu with options for text size and style, line spacing, margins, background color, and more. We think that everyone should be able to feel right at home with just a few simple tweaks, if necessary.

The Kindle app uses intuitive touch controls and gestures to turn pages and to bring up a convenient status bar with reading location information and additional options. But if you’re on a PC with no touch support, the app works just as fine with the traditional mouse and keyboard setup.

In past, performance was an issue, but, thanks to software updates from Amazon and faster processors from hardware manufacturers, that’s no longer the case and the Kindle app runs without a hitch.

What Users Like

  • A built-in dictionary
  • The largest catalog of eBooks in the world
  • Send to Kindle
  • Customization
  • Ease of use
  • Free book samples

Kindle Reader App LinkPrice on
AmazonKindle Reader AppFree