How to Fix Null IMEI and No Service Signal on Galaxy Ace II x

null imei and no service signal on galaxy ace ii x

One sender asked for a solution in a problem he is experiencing in his Samsung Galaxy Ace II x. His problem concerns a null IMEI on Galaxy Ace II x whenever he dials *#06#. He added that the issue includes no service signal on his device.

According to a YouTube video, these steps will help you solve the issue on null IMEI on Galaxy Ace II x along with the problem concerning no service signal.

1. Open the dialer and enter “*#197328640#” (with the quotes omitted).

2. The previous step is a way to bring you to the Service Mode. Once there, select common which is the sixth choice in the menu.

3. Select the first option which is FTM. If the FTM is On, proceed to the next step.

4. Press the Menu key. Note that pressing the Back key at this point will bring you to another set of choices.

5. Put key input and type the number 2 to turn off FTM.

6. Remove the SIM card of your phone followed by a restart without the SIM card.

7. Repeat step number 1 to access Service Mode again.

8. Go to Debug Screen. It’s the first option that you will see under Service Mode.

9. Choose Phone Control which is the eighth option.

10. Select NAS Control or option 3.

11. Proceed to option number 5 which says “RRC (HSDPA) Control”.

12. Key in the second option which will let you Change RRC Revision.

13. Go to appropriate option which corresponds to the communications protocol of your phone. If your Galaxy Ace II x works on HSDPA, then select the corresponding option at number two.

14. Choose Release at option number 5.

15. Turn off your Galaxy Ace II x and insert back the SIM card followed by a restart.

16. If it still does not detect the SIM card, restart your unit again.

These steps should fix the null IMEI and no service signal issue on your Samsung Galaxy Ace II x.

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  1. Dear Sir, i have dialed *#197328640# and i can enter the Service Mode, but i can not see the menu or just blank screen with Service mode title.

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